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I am glad that you are going to school. What you need to do is to make an appointment to speak with an advisor. You should have one assigned to you. They might even have a medical program for you to go into that will help you out with becoming a pediatric. Your advisor will help you in deciding which classes are best for you to take and ones that will transfer to your next college. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Can you attend Spelman College to become a pediatrician?

I want to know, what college classes are required at spelaman college to become a pediatrician

How is a 3.1 GPA college freshman?

Community college. Have fun.

What math classes are required to become a pediatrician?

take lots of science and math classes take four years of community or university college and four years of meical schooling.

Can I take community college classes online?

It depends on which community college you are interested in. These days, many community colleges offer online classes. Check with the community college that you are interested in attending to find out if they offer online classes.

What is the average SAT scotes of incoming freshman at Chemeketa Community College?

you dont need to have a SAT for Chemeketa, its a community college.

Does my community college in Tampa, FLorida offer any ASN training classes?

If Hillsborough Community College is your community college then I am sorry they do not offer any training classes specifically for ASN.

What classes should you take for your freshman year in community college if your major is nursing?

If you already know your major, you would go to an advisor at the school to find out what the course of study is. The program includes specific classes you must have as well as some electives. After that, you choose the order, for the most part, in which you will take the classes. Probably most of your freshman classes are going to be the basics of English, science, language and so on.

Do you have to be in all advanced classes in high school to be a pediatrician?

No. You only need to have really good grades in the classes you take, get into a good college, get great grades in your college classes, and go into medical school

How do you find a sewing educator in your local area?

Try for sewing classes at local community college. Try for sewing classes at local community college.

Where to become a registered nurse?

You can take nursing classes at a community college if you have one in you location or even do online classes at some online college. I would recommend an community college.

Which community college offers EMT class?

Community colleges does indeed offer EMT classes, for example Central Piedmont Community College, Front Range Community College or Glendale Community College.

Should I take community classes?

Community college classes are great for someone who is undecided on a major. You can get a lot of your general education requirements out of the way if you are planning on attending a 4 year college in the future. Be sure that whatever 4 year college you do plan to attend accepts the classes you are taking at the community college.

Does a college freshman have to live on campus?

on most capuses yes not community colleges tho

What is an average college course load for freshman?

The average course load for a college freshman is four or five classes. This will depend on how many credits each class is worth. You can drop a course if necessary.

Im a freshmen in high school what classes do you need to become a pediatrician?

You need to take college prep classes and classes in science. You also need to get good grades in the next 4 years and do community service as well as join clubs in school. When you fill out your admission to college you want it to look good with GPA, test scores, and the proper classes. Set your sights on this and you can do it.

Do any community colleges in the St. Louis area offer GED classes?

Yes, several community colleges in the St. Louis area offer GED classes. Some are: St. Louis Community College, East St. Louis Community College, and Patricia Stevens College. Saint Louis Community College ( has GED preparation classes. In addition, these classes are also offered by East Saint Louis Community College Center ( yes

Where can you take ASVAB classes?

you can go to community college

If you want to be a pediatrician what classes you take in high school?

AP classes to get you into a good college in their pre-med program. You need good grades in challenging classes, sciences are important.

Is there classes at night for Nassau community college on Columbus Day?

All classes at NCC are in session.

Do you have to take the SATACT to become a pediatrician?

probably but you have to go to college to be a pediatricianprobably but you have to go to college to be a pediatrician

What is the best college to attend for pediatrician education?

What is the best college for a pediatrician?

What college classes do have to take to be a professional basketball player?

You have to take the same classes as any other Freshman. You will become a professional basketball player if you have the skills and the classes you take have nothing whatsoever to do with it.

What is freshman college?

A freshman is just a new student in a college.(any)

Where can you get classes on photography at?

A local community college or university should offer some classes in photography. Art schools or community art centers are another resource for finding these classes.

You are a freshman in high school and you want to go to college to be a pediatrician but you dont know what colleges are specially for doctors or pediatricians?

You're a freshman; you still have a lot of time to figure it out. Concentrate on getting good grades and getting involved for now.