What clothes do penitents wear?

In Hindu mythology he should not wear any thing just naked living brings him/her the expected results. Naga sadhus live like that in India.

as a short story goes like a penitent wore a small cloth around his groin

daily he use to change this piece of cloth and wahs it and dried in the shade

a rat/mouse made holes in the cloth so he brought a ct to keep the rat/mouse away.Cat need milk he brought a cow to feed the cat. Now cow to be fed with grass and a helping hand needed in the form of woman to

look after cow/cat etc. The woman need a man to look after her needs. A good family to feed and this penitent woke from his troubles and discarded his loin cloth which caused this . Did we need cloths Yes to guard our body

from weather. If we are in search of total submission to god by soul then we have to discard this mortal body. Then no need to clothes.

Hope am clear. If people do not agree wear white loose robes which will not irritate while u are meditating

meaning of penitent=feeling or expressing remorse for one's misdeeds or sins. n.

  1. One who is penitent.
  2. A person performing penance under the direction of a confessor.

    Perugu Balasubramanyam