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None. Having said that, I strongly recommend going to collage and getting basic courses including electrical, blue print reading, MATH and more MATH. In the meantime try to pick up a part time job with an electrician or a Electrical parts supplier. You'll be getting your feet wet with some experience while building your foundation of your career.

You don't necessarily need a college degree, however most electricians I know, including myself, all have college degrees. Being a union electrician does not require such credentials. however, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, you are probably SOL! You also don't need to study "math and more math." College level algebra is all you need to know, unless you want to become an engineer. Also, remember that most union electricians are not licensed electricians, and particularly in Chicago, you need to know and work for a licensed electrician to get an electricians license. Basically buddy... You need to know someone. You need to have connections. If you work hard, have a brain and common sense, you can do it.. Just be willing to learn and work hard. Having an education shows you are willing to learn and you work hard. Being an electrician is not that complicated. any moron can do it, as long as you have common sense. Also, having other skills as a carpenter are necessary. If you lack skills in this area, you may want to start learning other trades as well. Being a well rounded and skilled carpenter, along with a college degree go a long way when looking for a mentor to train you. Don't forget, experience and time is what it takes to call yourself an electrician.

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Q: What college degrees are needed to become an electrician?
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