What color is white chocolate?

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the color of white chocolate is sometimes white or it could be normal color brown . Although commonly called "chocolate", confections that lack the key ingredient 'cocoa' aren't really chocolate at all. White "chocolate" is pretty much powdered sugar, water, butter and flavoring. There are also health benefits found in Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate... So, the darker the chocolate, the better! Literally! Its the color of evaporated milk. Off white to creme colored.

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2009-04-01 01:31:35
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Q: What color is white chocolate?
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Does the color of chocolate affect the taste?

The taste is what determines the color(dark chocolate/dark brown, white chocolate/white).

What color is the chocolate?

brown and white

What is the color of chocolate?

Brown or white

What is the original color of chocolate?


What colors make chocolate color?

white and brown

Can you put white chocolate in a chocolate fountain?

Of cource the color should not make a difference

Why does your white chocolate turn brown in microwave?

The brown color is a result of the chocolate burning.

Where does the white in white chocolate come from?

It's more the other way around. What gives regular chocolate its Brown color is cocoa, and White chocolate doesn't have any. Remove the cocoa from choclate and what's left is White chocolate.

Why is chocolate brown or white?

Cocoa powder (the base for chocolate) is naturally brown, after it is roasted. This gives the chocolate a brown color. White chocolate is actually not technically chocolate at all, since it contains no cocoa. Instead, the milk fats, cocoa fats, sugar, milk solids, and cream give it the white color.

Is melting different for white or dark chocolate?

It is! White and dark chocolate are made of the same thing, chocolate. However, dark chocolate has a darker color than white chocolate, which makes it "perspire" more than white chocolate and finally makes it melt faster than white chocolate. But they both taste amazing melted or frozen!

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