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1989-1990 And Newer AS VIEWED FROM MATING END OF CONNECTOR A B C D E F G H I J K L M N Typical GM Factory Pin What It Is In Dash Wire Color A Left Front Spkr (-) Light Gray B Left Front Spkr (+) Tan C Right Front Spkr (-) Light Green D Right Front Spkr (+) Dark Green E Ground Wire Black F Not Used G Headlight Dimmer Wire Gray H Power Antenna Turn On Pink (if available) I +12 Volt Ignition Wire Yellow J +12 Volt Battery Wire Orange K Right Rear Spkr (-) Light Blue L Right Rear Spkr (+) Dark Blue M Left Rear Spkr (-) Yellow N Left Rear Spkr (+) Brown

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Q: What color wires go to what in a 91 blazer?
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Should there be power in both wires that go to the fuel pump on 91 s10 blazer?

No. Only one wire should have power, the other is the ground.Type your answer here...

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What color wires at the maf sensor belong to the iat sensor?

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What could be wrong with the Third Brake Light on a 2002 Chevy Blazer I checked it and it is receving power.?

If your blazer has a LED 3rd brake light and does not work with power at the connector, the brake light is defective and is not serviceable. Had the same problem with my 2002 Blazer. Ohming out plug showed third light bad. Pulled the grommet where the wires go thru car frame and noticed the wires "stretch" which means a break in the wires where they go into the rubber grommet. The wires are too tight in the grommet so I sliced half way thu the rubber to reveal the black and yellow wires. pulled enough wire thru to splice and solder. I stagered the cut, spliced the wires, soldered and used silicone rubber to cover the wires. dried 24 hours then put the rubber grommet back into the hole. works fine. Seems that the opening and closing of the back hatch weakens the wires. Hope this helps. Ron

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you remove the wires that are going to the distributor and look where the distributor meets the intake there is a little plate the rests against the distributor and it has a bolt in it remove that and pull distributor up and out and u have to remove wires that go to the plugs as well

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