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Quality Hardware & machine Co.. Made m1 carbines from Feb1943 to May 1944

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Q: What company manufactured a carbine marked with the letters QUAL HMC above the serial number?
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What is the year of manufacture of a Hopkins Allen 12 gauge serial U5497?

If the shotgun is marked Hopkins and Allen Manufacturing Company, Norwich Conn. it was made between circa 1880-1885 and 1898. If marked Hopkins and Allen Arms Company, it was manufactured between 1898 and 1915. No records are available to give a more exact date of manufacture.

Does the Marble's tang sight marked W9 fit the Winchester 1894 carbine?

yes. with the correct screws yes. with the correct screws

Where do you find the serial number on a Springfield 67F 20 gauge?

If it was manufactured before 1969 it probably doesn't have one and if manufactured later, it should be plainly marked on the reciever.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge browning auto-5 serial b38xxx marked browning arms company St. Louis Missouri?

Browning offers history letters.

Who made a M1 carbine marked Saginaw?

The Saginaw Steering Gear Division of General Motors, in Grand Rapids MI. See link at bottom of this page

What is a 1895 Winchester manufactured in 1898 3040 Krag us marked in custom carbine form in very good condition worth?

How high is up? This is a very open-ended question. What is "very good condition", has it been refinished, what is "custom carbine form"? All of these questions and more need to be answered first. Values could range anywhere from $600-$700 to several thousand dollars depending on many variables. Contact the Cody Museum, or the Winchester Collectors Society.

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Need more details.

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Glenfield firearms were manufactured by Marlin (many were marked with both names). Cotter & Co was one of the retail hardware stores that sold Glenfield guns and some of them were stamped with the store name.

Why does a Winchester 1890 manufactured 1909 with the barrel marked 22 Long shoot only Long Rifles?

Design and Manufacture

Where to find the serial number on a savage model 340 B 22 hornet?

If it was manufactured before 1/1/1969, it probably doesn't have one. If manufactured later, it should be clearly marked on the receiver.

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What is the value of a 16 gauge double barrel shotgun marked Utica Firearms Company no 34746 manufactured in 1897 and has Stubbs Fine Twist barrels Does anyone have any info on this shotgun?

try call of duty world at war or any call of duty

When was the Mauser Broomhandle Manufactured?

1896 to 1937. Some are marked 1940 - these were 1930s commercial M30 pistols taken into service by the Luftwaffe.

When was a Stevens 335 shotgun made?

The Stevens 335 was manufactured from about 1910-1940. There are very few documented Wells Fargo guns and those that have documentation are not conspicously marked with the company name. These were added by an unscrupulous antique dealer wishing to sell a $200 shotgun for $1000.

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Is a M2 30 caliber carbine fully automatic?

The M-2 carbine was designed to be fully automatic and as such is considered a "Machine Gun" even if the selector and automatic type sear are replaced with the M1 style ( semi-automatic )parts The Reciever must be marked M2 for it to be considered a machine gun. Chuck Linderman Dothan, Alabama

Colt Police Positive Special that is marked 38 Special CTG serial number 786482 can anyone provide date manufactured and where?

about 1961

Where can you find information about 2 Hartford Firearms 12 gauge shot guns side by side both in very good condition one has serial?

Firearms marked Hartford were manufactured by Crescent Firearms for the Simmons Hardware Company of St Louis c. 1890-1930.

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