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Call the salvage yard- they can answer this for you, or, you could measure the width of both axles, and see if the companion flanges, and lug bolt patterns are the same.

There really is none. No factory f-bodys came with 4-11 rears in the third or fourth gena nd they are the only rears that will bolt in. There are plenty of aftermarket companies that can help out but nothig from the factory or a salvage yard. The rear suspensionwith the tourqe arm and panhard bar was unique to those body style and they were never offered with that gearset. If the car has a posi now just look into swapping the ring and pinion for a new set. Things like that are better bought new.

AnswerNone come factory with 4.11....that's an aftermarket gear. A Firebird axle setup should fit. AnswerCall a salvage yard, they will be able to help you. The axle housing design didn't really change that much from '70 to about '90 for the Camaro/Firebird/Nova/Chevelle- but there was a time when metrics was applied to them, and that is where I can't tell you.


the mid 80's S10 will work with some minor work. you have to get the id numbers for the tags but most of the posi rears were easy to spot, they had aluminum drums.

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Q: What complete rearend assembly with 4-11 gears would fit in a 1985 or 1986 Camaro?
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How do you remove ans Axle from a 2000 camaro?

take all the bolts out of the rearend pumpkin cover and you will see the rearend gears, push the axle inwards and you will see a C clip that holds it in place inside the rearend, pull the C clip out and then you can pull the axle out.

What gears are in the 1992 crownvictoria rearend?

Reverse and forward gears

Will a 1998 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 rearend assembly fit on a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500?

Yes but the gears have to be changed

What is the best rearend for a 71 Chevelle 454?

3.31 or a 3.55 are good all around gears.

How do you replace the axles on a 1969 GTO?

the backing plate on the rearend has to come off and there are C -clips that you have to pull out of each axle where they mesh with the gears inside the rearend and then you can pull the axles out.

What gears are in a 97 camaro 3.8?


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it depends on how much the car wieghs and what rearend gears are in it and what rmp u shift gears in it

What rearend gears are in your z28 1984 if at 65 miles an hour im doing about 3500 rpm?

Not knowing your tire size I would say you have 3:73 gears

What gears does a 94 Z28 camaro have?

3.42 should be stock.

What is the stock gears in 93 camaro z28?

I believe they are 3.42.

How is the gas mileage on a 364 Chevy motor?

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What rear end is in a stock 1992 Camaro RS?

2.73 gears

How do you fit and remove different types of gears in a mechanical assembly?

it depends on what you mean by gears, gigitty

What were the rear gears that came stock with 1994 camaro z28?

Depends. 8 out of 10 cars had 2.73

What is the top speed of a 1989 Camaro?

It depends on what engine is in it, what gears is in it etc... theres too many factors

Will a v8 Camaro differential fit on a v6 Camaro?

youll most likely need to get new motor mounts maybe drilling and pherhaps a diffrent transmission on it but yes with some time it can be done Sorry to whomever posted the above but it seems like you didnt understand the question so I am editing. Yes a v8 differential of the same generation will fit a v6 camaro. The upside to this being you will get the bigger gears aswell as limited slip. In fact if you are going to do that you may aswell find a whole rearend from a v8/z28 so you get the disc brakes aswell

Will a 4.11 rear end fit in an 81 trans am?

if you let me know what the 4:11 came out of I could help the 4:11 just means the gear ratio not what it will fit if you are asking can you put a set of 4:11 gears in your stock rearend the answer is yes as long as you get them for that rearend hope this helps

How do you remove an axle bearing on a 2003 ford crown Victoria?

If you are talking about the rear axle bearing you have to open cover on rearend ( differential) You`ll see a small bolt on pinion gear shaft. Remove it. You mave have to put vehicle in nuetral to turn rearend gears to slide pinion gear shaft out of the way.There are 2 c-clip like things that slide out. This will allow axle`s to slide out of rearend. Now you have to go to auto-zone or wherever and rent a bearing puller to remove bearing from rearend.

What is the axle ratio of a 1997 f150 with a 5.4L?

there should be a tag screwed into the bolts on the rearend differential cover that says what the gears are. They are all different depending on whether or not you have the towing package

How do you replace the rearend gears on a Polaris 325 4x4 the rear drive shaft turns but wont engauge?

To replace the rearend gear on the Polaris 325 You have to jack it up and remove the eight bolts that holds the rear end cover on. After you remove it you simply have to pull the old gear out and install the new one.

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I have a 1951 John Deere A that is seeping oil out of the one axle out close to the wheel. Do I need to remove the the rearend and the big bull gears and get to them from the inside? Paul Lehman

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