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What rear end is in a stock 1992 Camaro RS?

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2.73 gears

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What stock rear end is in a 1992 camaro?

10 bolt

Will a 1993 Camaro rear end fit on a 1992 Camaro?


What rear end in 2014 as camaro?

The rear end in a 2014 SS Camaro can be replaced with a rear end of any 2014 or 2013 Camaro or SS Camaro.

What kind of rear end does a stock 2002 camaro ss z28 have?

10 bolt

What rear end in 2014 ss Camaro?

You can use a rear end from a 2013 or 2014 camaro or ss camro to replace a rear end in a 2014 SS Camaro car.

Will a 92 Camaro rear end fit an 87 Camaro?

Yes, from 1982 through to 1992 the rear ends should all fit. The are all the same generation car.

What rear end gear ratio came in a 1992 camaro rs with a 5 speed transmission?


What rear end gearing came stock in the 1992 Pontiac firebird formula ws6 5.0?


Will a 1997 Camaro rear fit a 1998 Camaro?

yes it will fit. 1993 t0 2002 all have same rear end

Does a 1979 Camaro Z28 have a positive track rear end?

yes, all 1979 Camaro Z28's came with a 3.73:1 posi traction rear end.

Will a 1968 nova rear end fit a 1969 camaro?

The nova has a short rear end. The 1969 Camaro has a much longer year end so there isn't a way that this would match up.

Will a rear axle from a 1994 z28 Camaro fit in a 1990 rs Camaro?

No. The 4th gen rear end is 4 inches longer.

What rear end does a 1994 Z28 Camaro have?

probably a 3.43.

Will an 84 Camaro rear end fit a 64 Chevelle?

no, because the camaro came with leaf springs.

Will an 1980 Camaro rear end bolt into a 70 12 Camaro?

Yes. I'd replace the brake lines from the rear distribution block, but the answer is yes.

Will 98 Camaro rear end fit in 95 Camaro?

yes it should as it's basically the same body.

Did 95 camaro come with a posi-trak rear-end?

If its a z28, then yes. The base models did not include the posi rear end

Will a 1997 firebird rear end fit on a 1997 camaro?


Does a 1981 camaro z28 have a positive track rear end?


Could a 1974 Dodge Challenger outrun a 2010 Chevy Camaro?

Stock for stock... no. Even if the engines matched up as far as horsepower, the technology on the 2010 is just too great. Suspension, rear end, etc.

Will tires for 92 Camaro fit a 79 Camaro?

without going completely out of your way to replace the entire rear end no they will not

What is the stock rear-end gear ratio on a 1991 240sx?

The stock rear-end gear ratio for all US 240sx is 4.083

How do you convert a camaro rs rear end to a z28 positraction rear end?

find a posi out of a z28 and swap the whole axle assembly

How do i locate the starter on my 1998 Chevrolet camaro?

Lower rear end of engine

Will a rear end from a 94 camaro z28 fit a 99 z28?