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What compromises have been changed since 1787?

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i dont know ppl


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How many times has the us constitution been changed since 1787?

The constitution has been amended 27 times since 1787, along with 17 addition amendments

How many of these changes have been adopted since 1787?

how many of these changes have been adopted since 1787

How many amendments have been adopted since 1787?

27 amendments have been adopted since 1787. The Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments, was adopted in 1791. Since then, 17 amendments have been added.

How many Constitutional amendments have been introduced to Congress since 1787?

Since 1787 27 amendments have been introduced to congress. In 1791 The Bill of Rights, the 10 first amendments, was adopted. Since The Bill of Rights 17 other amendments have been adopted, which makes the total 27 amendments since 1787.

About how many constitutional amendments have been introduced in Congress since 1787?

Since the year 1787 there have been around 11,539 proposed amendments to the constitution. There have only been 27 amendments that have been ratified, or added to the constitution.

Since 1787 how many times has the US constitution been ammended?

27 times since 1788.

How many Us constitutional changes have been adopted since 1787?


Which document had been the law of the land since 1781 and now needed to be replaced in 1787?

The Articles of Confederation.

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How many times has the US flag been changed?

USA flag has been changed 26 times since the new 13- state union was adopted. USA flag has been changed 26 times since the new 13- state union was adopted.

What did the us flag look like in 1787?

The U.S. flag in 1787, was still the original flag with the 13 stars arranged in the circle pattern. It would not be changed until 1795 to acknowledge Kentucky and Vermont, when it was changed to 15 stars (which were arranged in a 3 across/5 down pattern), and 15 stripes. It would remain this way until 1818 when it then had 20 stars, and the stripes were reduced back to 13 which is how they been ever since.

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What document was completed in 1787?

The U.S. Constitution was completed in 1787. Although it had been written earlier, it was not ratified by the states until 1787.

Explain why the constitution has been called a bundle of compromises?

The Constitution has been referred to as a bundle of compromises because a number of compromises were necessary in order for it to be ratified. For example, the addition of a Bill of Rights was a compromise between the Federalists, who didn't think it was necessary, and the anti-Federalists, who argued for its inclusion.

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