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the Missouri compromise, the 3/5 compromise, and the compromise of 1850 no it was thethe Missouri compromise, the 3/5 compromise, and the compromise of 1850

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I don't think that's right.

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Missouri compromise 1850 compromise and 3/5 compromise

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Q: What compromises lead up to the civil war?
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Did the compromises of 1820 and 1850 delay or speed up the civil war?

well of course is delayed it because of all the pigs that were fying from mars.

How did the war of 1812 help lead up the Civil War?

After the Americans won, the British were inflamed and they started raising tariffs, finally leading to the Civil War. However, these were not the only causes of the war.

How did congress attempt to resolve the dispute between the north and south regarding slavery in the territories?

Congress attempted to resolve the north and south disputes that lead up to the civil war by enacting a number of agreed upon compromises that they hoped would appease both sides of the country.

Why was there a need for so many compromises leading up to the civil war?

Because the two sides were so far apart, and wanting different things from Congress. But both were still hoping to avert war.

How did bleeding kansas lead to the the civil war?

tensions increased between the north and south causing small wars leading up to secession and the civil war

How did the South Carolina Secession lead to the civil war?

Because the north set up a garrison at Ft. Sumter, SC, on which the south fired, thus leading to the first shot of the civil war.

What major events led up to the Civil War?

Some big events that lead to the Civil War were, The Compromise of 1850, The Kansas-Nebraska Act, John Brown's Raid, and the Election of 1860.

How did the abolitionists lead up to the civil war?

The abolitionist did not help the war start, actually, the Civil War started because of States' Rights, Slavery, and Sectionalism/seccession. They could fall under the category of slavery but they were only a mild influence.

How did events at fort Sumter lead to the firing of the first shot of the civil war?

Because it stirred things up a bit bro

Did the underground railroad cause the civil war?

It raised the emotional temperature, especially after the Fugitive Slave law was toughened-up, and this strengthened the hand of the Abolitionists in Congress, who were less likely to agree any more compromises with the slave-owning South.

What was the purpose of the US congressional compromises leading up to the US Civil War?

Compromises between the North and the South began with the writing of the US Constitution, however, in the 19th century, three major compromises were made between the North and the South. The purpose of the compromises were to keep the number of free states and slave states equal in number. The last compromise can be said to be the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. There citizens would vote on slavery in there own territories. The US Congress, thereby washed its hands of the old style compromises. The people within territories would vote on the issue, Congress retreated from the slavery issue battle.

Why does bud like Civil War books?

Bud likes civil war books because as a child he grew up learning about the civil war and that became to be his favorite subject in school

Was the Korean war an international war or a Civil War?

It started off as a civil war, then ended up as an international war.

What impact did the civil war have on the African-Americans?

The Civil war lead to the emancipation proclamation where Lincoln freed all the slaves. This was the first step towards freedom for many African Americans, but racism was still a prominent issue up until the 1960s, and even to this day.

How did the Compromise of 1850 lead to the civil war?

The Compromise of 1850 did not lead to the Civil War. It actually postponed it of happening. It consisted of five part. They were: California would admit into the Union as a free state, Slave trade would be outlawed in D.C., the fugitive slave law was to be enforced by Northerners, Texas would give up much of its western land claims for pensions to pay of state debt, and finally the territory of New Mexico and Utah would be able to have popular sovereignty. In short, they all passed and the Union stayed together long enough for the North to get many of the advantages it had during the Civil War. Many people will actually say that this compromise lead to the north achieving victory in the Civil War.

Did the Civil War resolve issues of race?

no, the civil war ended when the confederate general put up the white flag and gave up.

Did the Boston Massacre lead up to the Reolutionary war?

The Boston Massacre was one of many events that lead up to the War of Independence.

What was the issue with adding states during the civil war?

When the Mexican War ended, the US gained control of territory extending West to California. This opened up a dispute as to how to allow States to decide if they would be Free states or Slave states. This eventually lead to the erupton of the Civil War some 10 years later.

Did girls fight in the Civil War?

Women did not fight in the Civil War. But, some did dress up like men to help out in the war.

Who lead us into the War of 1812?

Jefferson made mistakes to lead up to this war, but pres. madison declared war

Did the north win the Civil War or did the south lose the Civil War?

The North won the Civil War. All the South had to do was defend. It was up to the North to attack, which in the end they did successfully.

What leaders ideas lead to the founding of the democratic party?

The first, pre civil war Democratic Party was founded to put Andrew Jackson in the White House. The post civil war Party was founded with no particular leader in mind, as a counter to the Republicans who pretty much had control during the Civil War. It was made up of Southern whites and those Northerners who sympathized with the South or did not want to join the Republicans.

Results of the spanish civil war?

The rebelling Nationalist military lead by Francisco Franco ended up seizing control of the Spanish capital, Madrid, there by causing the Republic to surrender.

When was the English Civil War?

"The English Civil War" was actually a series of conflicts which lasted from 1643 to 1651.----The English Civil War was made up of three parts. The first civil war was from 1642 to 1646. The second civil war was from 1648 to 1649. The third civil war was from 1649 to 1651. The whole is referred to as a single war, the English Civil War.1642 - 1651

How did the civil war speed up America's industrialization?

The need for mass production and distribution of goods during the Civil War

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