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What concepts lead to slavery?

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I'd say the desire for control. People like to control everything.

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Did slavery lead into the nation?


How did the issue of slavery lead to a new political party?

it leaad by slavery and the govermant

What issues lead to Civil War in 1861?

the lead of the civil war was slavery

What lead to more slavery?

The cotton gin

Who led the ancient Hebrews out of slavery?

The person who lead the hebrews out of slavery is Moses. He led them out of Egypt

What was one problem that lead to the civil war?


How did cultural Differences lead to the civil war?

the north had factories and cities and NO SLAVERY the south had farms and SLAVERY the main reason they went to war is slavery

What is name of Indian musical lead singer is a doctor and concepts of their videos are pan Indian?

euphoria lead sinder is dr.palash sen

What lead the newspapers to speak of bleeding kansas in 1856?

Fighting between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces

What did Frederick Douglass do after he escaped slavery?

he fled to the north so he could be free and lead an anti-slavery boycot

How did the plantation system lead to the development of slavery?

A large estate

Who did god tell to lead the Jews out of slavery in Egypt?


What can war lead to?

Peace, domination, death, life, slavery, ...

Who did god tell to lead Jews a out of slavery in Egypt?


Who lead an armed rebellion against slavery?

John brown

What did differences in the north and south lead to?

The differences in the North and South over slavery lead to the Civil War (1861 - 1865) which the North won, the country was united and slavery came to an end.

What did the US Civil War lead to?

it lead to the stop of slavery in the south and abolished the union and created the USA

Did moses lead the people out of Egypt?

Yes God told Moses to lead the people out of slavery from Egypt.

Who led the hebrew people out of egyptian slavery?

The person who lead the hebrew people out of slavery from the Egyptians was the great prophet Moses.

The name of the Jewish leader who lead the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery?


How did William wilberforce try to correct the ills of industrialization?

He lead the fight to abolish slavery, he was the one who ended slavery in Great Britain

Who lead people out of Egypt and slavery?

The Bible tells us that Moses let the Israelites out of slavery and into the promised land. Before this, he was an Egyptian prince.

How did the Crusades lead to the African Slavery?

It caused more Africans to be enslaved for work

Who are some blacks that lead people out of slavery?

Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas.

What did Nanny of the Maroon do?

lead the maroons in a revols so that they could be free from slavery