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The following constellations are visible in the month of March:

Cancer, Canis Minor, Carina, Lynx, Puppis, Pyxis, Vela and Volans

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Q: What constellations are visible in the month of March?
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What month is Jupiter most visible?


Constellations visible from Canada?

There are many popular constellations that are visible from Canada. Popular constellations include the big and little dipper for example.

Why are some constellations not visible through out the year?

It depends on your location and the time of year as to what constellations are or are not visible.

What are the most visible constellations from NJ?

The Big Dipper and the Ursa Major are the most visible constellations from NJ. The May constellations that contains over 200 galaxies is also one of the most visible constellations from NJ.

What Constellation that is visible during winter months?

Lots of constellations are visible during the winter months. About half of the constellations are above the horizon, and therefore usually visible, at any given moment. What constellations are visible would also depend on whether you live north or south of the equator (this affects the definition of "winter"), on the specific month, and the time of night.

What do stars and constellations have in common?

Stars are visible at night. Constellations are simply groups of stars as seen from earth, and they are also visible at night.

What determines when a constellations is visible?

Latitude and Distance

Constellations that circle polaris and are visible year around are called?

These are called circumpolar constellations.

Are the constellations during the day the same ones visible later that night?

Due to the rotation of the Earth, the constellations overhead in the day time (which are not visible as it is) are not the same ones visible at night. However, the constellations in today's day sky are the same constellations in the night sky 6 months from now, and the constellations in tonight's night sky are the same constellations in the day sky 6 months from now.

Why are different constellations visible in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?

because the earth spins on an axis and during the different parts of the year certain constellations are visible.

What constellations would you see in the northern hemisphere?

Half of all constellations are visible from the north pole, andall of them are visible from one inch north of the equator.

Why are stars constellations?

Stars are not constellations. A constellation is an area in the sky where stars are visible, usually in recognisable patterns. There are officially 88 constellations.

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