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I would have to say for something to be in writing and to have a witness, such as if you were to buy a car off someone make sure you write everything out like how much each payment is and how often then you and the person you will be making payments and then it's even a better idea to get a witness to sign it. hope this helped you.

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Q: What constitutes a legal payment arrangement?
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What constitutes legal tender?

Legal tender is any kind of money that a creditor must by law accept in payment for debts.

What constitutes legal sale or transfer of a business?

Legal sale or transfer of a business involves the two parties agreeing on payment and date of transfer. This is normally documented in legal documents that bind the two parties to their agreements.

What constitutes blackmail in the Texas legal system?


What is a Arrangement for deferred payment for goods and services?


What constitutes a legal offer?

whats number 3???

If you already have a payment arrangement with the IRS will they take your refund?

Yes, if you already have a payment arrangement with the IRS but have a refund due, they will take the refund. If you have a balance due, they will apply your tax refund to this balance.

What is legal tender money?

a legal medium of payment

Is legal tender money?

a legal medium of payment

Can the IRS take your refund even if you have a payment arrangement?

Yes, unfortunately.

How do you write a letter that will help make a payment arrangement with a company?

Write them I owe you. Ressecion eating me more than your payment.

what actions by the government constitutes a subsidy?

A payment to farmers for not cultivating land is an action by the government to constitute a subsidy.

Is the legal payment date the date the transaction is initiated or the date the payee receives the payment?

The legal payment due date is the date specified in the contract. The actual payment date is the date the payment is initiated by the payor unless specified otherwise in the contract.

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