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What cool things can you find in Turkey?

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Giblets, stuffing and the Wish Bone!

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in the turkey

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eat turkey

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no, they all require heat

Is a bruised turkey safe to eat?

your a cool dude!

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Should you cool stuffing before putting it into the turkey?

never it will cool inide and keep the chicken moist

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What is the climate zone of Turkey?

Turkey is in the Mediterranean Climate Zone. They have hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. Turkey borders the Black Sea.

In witch country will i find gallipoli?

Turkey. Turkey.

Where do you go to find turkey?

you go to the store or to turkey

Where do you find turkey?

You can find turkey in North America. (it is actually the heaviest bird in the world)

What do turkey heads do when they become excited?

Turkey heads do a few different things when they become excited. One of the things that a turkey does is swing it's head back and forth.

What is the weather like in turkey in January?

The weather in Turkey ranges for around cool to moderate temperature during mid January.

How long may you cool the turkey before carving?

About 15 minutes just enough for the turkey to harden and not get all soft.

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Making stuffing

What is affected in Turkey?

alot of things

What do you feed wild baby turkey?

There are a few different things that you could feed to a wild baby turkey. One of these things is corn.

What does it mean when someone says you're such a turkey?

A turkey is a goofy-looking bird that doesn't act very smart. If someone calls you a turkey, they mean you're not very popular or cool.

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