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Any time that you are worried or concerned or not sure about what is wrong with your body go to the doctor to get it checked out they will be able to tell you what it is and if it is anything to be worried about or not especially since no one on the internet can correctly diagnose what is wrong with you since they don't know your medical history and can't physically see what is wrong with you hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!

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Q: What could a small bump be on the left side of your head in front of your ear that you have had for a long time and it is painful when you push on it and should you go to the doctor?
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It is hard to say what it could be. It could be a STD, or just leakage from his penis. Either way, it is not normal. It should be checked out by a doctor.

What if there is black stuff near the front of your underwear?

You should probably see a doctor about that

What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on the lower right front of the neck be?

It could be a growth, so have a doctor examine it.

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Could an itching outer ear and a painful inner ear and a lump under the skin in front of ear all be symptoms of a left ear infection?


Pea size Lump on the front left side of your neck?

You should go and see a doctor to be on the safe side...

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What could a hard lump in front of the ear be when it doesn't move no matter what is done and is becoming painful?

Most likely it's TMJ, which affects where your jaw meets your each side of your skull in front of your ears. If you have headaches, facial pains, or discomfort chewing, TMJ is most likely the case. It could also be a cyst, which is the result of an ingrown hair. They are quite common around the neck. Sometimes cysts can be rather painful, and that is usually when people see a doctor. If it is causing you massive amounts of pain they can easily lance it off for you. Otherwise, there is nothing really serious to worry about. Another possibility is that it could be some sort of tumor, but that is probably unlikely considering you said it was hard.

What could a small pea sized lump THAT IS VERY PAINFUL on the bottom front of my 7 year old daughters neck be?

It sounds like a cyst, the pain if from puss inside. DO NOT try to pop the cyst, this could result in an infection. Put a damp hot cloth over it, that should help the pain. Then put some neosporin on it twice a day. Keep your child's hair up and away from the area. The cyst should go away in about a week. If not consult your child's doctor. Cysts typical are no big deal, they are usually from sweat.

How do you fix a gap in your front teeth that developed less than a year after having braces removed?

you should really either go to a dental higenist (my mum) or you could try online dentist services... talk to your doctor

Why would someone have sharp pains about an inch above their right ear every 3 to 5 minutes?

There could be a lot of different reasons for it, you should see a doctor. One cause could be TMJ pain, pain in the jaw joint, which is right in front of the top of the ear. But that is not the only possible cause. There are various types of headaches and other conditions that could be the cause, only a doctor can tell which condition you have.

What is a lump on the front lower left side of the neck that moves around if you force it in a direction?

Its difficult to say what this could be. It could be your lymph node is swollen and feels like it is palable but Im really not sure. One thing for certain however is that you should see your Doctor ASAP. Any lumps found should always be investigated.

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no u should see doctor no u should see doctor no u should see doctor ------- i dont know who the idoit is that posted in front of me but yes- you still have some discharges while preganant. if you feel like something is not right-or just want to be on the safe side- you may want to check with a doctor- :) other than that- goodluck&&congratts~ :)

Why would a sensitive lump be right in the middle of your neck in the front?

It's important you see your doctor. It could be a thyroid disorder or simply you have accidentally bruised the larynx. Don't second-guess and get into to your doctor ASAP.

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You were accidentally kneed in the front of your neck and it really hurts to swallow Should you be worried?

No, if you can breathe ok and swallow. It is swelled and will help if you put ice on it. See a doctor as soon as possible. You could have damage to your trachea (windpipe). If this is not treated correctly, you could quickly lose the ability to breathe. This can be fatal in a matter of minutes.

How do you you treat swollen painful lymph node in front of the ear?

If it is a lymph node that is swollen and painful, you should see a doctor to have it diagnosed and treated. Sometimes the salivary glands can be painful and swollen in front of the ear if the duct that the saliva flows through to your mouth gets blocked. If it is only on one side, came on very suddenly and perhaps while you were eating, that might be the cause of the swelling. If so, sometimes you can wash out the plug by eating something very sour to make lots of saliva flow through the saliva duct, such as sucking on a lemon. If that does not quickly resolve the problem, then definitely seek medical attention, swollen lymph nodes can indicate infection and other disorders that need to be treated without delay.

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Is it okay to undress in front of a female doctor?

Yes. The Doctor has trained for years in that specific area to diagnose and recognise potential symptoms, so it is completely fine to undress in front of a female doctor, though usually they will try and match you up with a male doctor.