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What could a splotchy itchy tan on a 9 yr old mean that is not red?


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September 04, 2007 7:34PM

It could mean your 9 year old has had a bad burn and this part of the skin is dry and itchy. Get some Epsom Salts from the drug store (ask the pharmacist if you can't find it.) Take 1 - 2 cups of the crystals (not like regular table salt and will not burn) and dissolve with boiling water. Pour the Epsom Salts into a water filled bath tub of tepid water. Let your son lay in this for 20 minutes or half an hour. After he gets out and towel dries off then get him to rub his whole body with Aveeno Lotion. It works wonders for very itchy skin. If this continues for more than a week please see your doctor.