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The DRAIN hose coming out of the firewall is the A/C condenser drain line. It is a drain hose and is draining condensation from the A/C coils, which is normal with the A/C on. You may also be seeing a drain line for the window cowl area. Now if you are talking about either the inlet or outlet hoses going to the heater, then you more than likely just need to replace them.

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2006-03-23 14:40:08
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Q: What could be causing a bad coolant leak on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier if a drain hose coming out of the firewall is leaking?
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Chevy Cavalier leaking coolant along firewall coming out of an elbow unsure if this is a sign of a leaking heater core or if this hose is supposed to be connected to something?

The coolant sounds like it is leaking from the drain hole for the heater core. The drain is usually along the firewall and keeps the coolant from entering the vehicle should the heater core develop a leak.

Coolant leaking from spout on firewall on a 1995 cavalier?

You probably have a bad heater core. The heater core is installed in a plastic casing and the spout is there in case it starts leaking. This keeps it from leaking into the floor of the car.

What would cause a 1989 sunbird 2.0lL K engine to a have coolant leak coming from drain plug in firewall Not leaking inside coolant coming from rubber elbow connected through firewall?

If it's leaking from INSIDE the firewall (away from the engine compartment) you probably have a leaking heater control valve or damaged heater core.

What is the most likely cause of coolant leaking from right rear of engine near firewall in 1993 Mazda mx3?

heater core leaking

What could the coolant be leaking from the firewall where the heater hoses hook up at this by firewall in a 1993 BMW 324I?

Its more than likely your heater core.

How would you repair a 1994 Olds Acheiva that is leaking coolant from a drain connection on the firewall?

The only hose connections at the firewall that contain coolant are the connections at the heater core. You either have a loose clamp or the compression fitting between the steel and metal parts of the hose itself are leaking. If there is coolant leaking out of an drain at the bottom area of the firewall, there's a good chance that it's leaking from the heater core itself, through a drain pipe which is the same drain pipe that removes water condensation from the air conditioning.

How do you repair a sunroof in cavalier?

The sunroof on a Chevy Cavalier can often be repaired by replacing the outer seal. This prevents rain from leaking into the vehicle and causing additional problems.

I have a 93 Chevy cavalier and the rubber elbow connected through firewall is leaking antifreeze Should it be capped off or is this a leaking damaged or clogged heater core?

heater core leaks

Why is a 98 f150 leaking coolant near firewall?

If its inside the cab at the firewall, its probably your heater core which is located on the passenger side under the dash. This repair is usually not much fun. If its leaking in the engine compartment near the firewall, its probably a heater hose that is failing. This is an easy repair

Why is coolant leaking from the heater drain line on the engine firewall of a Pontiac sunfire?

heater core has a leak replace heater core

Why is Water is coming into the car and overheating?

If you mean engine coolant is getting into the car, the heater core is leaking coolant causing the coolant level to drop and that causes the engine to over heat.

1999 GMC sierra leaking coolant at firewall?

Bad hose or clamp where the heater core is connected would be the most likely problem.

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