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What could be causing a stalling problem in a Ford Taurus?

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i'll give you several answers . you could have water in your gas, you may need to replace your air filter, fuel filter, you may have a bad spark plug or spark plug wires, your timing could be off. i

I have a 1998 Taurus and I had a stalling problem - took to shop and for about $27 he changed my hoses that was my problem, hole in hose and cracks from age of hoses.

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If your car started stalling shortly after the AC stopped working and is still stalling after the throttle body was cleaned and ignition coil replaced could the AC problem have something to do with it?

The ac could be causing the problem. Turn the ac off, and watch the compressor clutch to see if it is not engaged. If it is then the compressor or clutch could be bogging the engine down.

What should you do about your Ford Taurus not staying started unless you keep your foot on the gas pedal?

check your hoses, there could be a vacuum hose with a leak causing this problem

Your transmission is not shifting in your 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problems?

my transmission is not shifting on my 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problem

Why a 1998 Honda Civic keep stalling?

It could be a problem in the air mass or the fuel pump

Why does your baja doodlebug keep stalling?

Your Baja Doodlebug is not getting the proper amount of gas if it is stalling out. This could be due to a problem with your fuel lines, fuel pump, or fuel intakes.

What causes hot stalling and starting problem Taurus?

you mean like overheating? could be a number of problems, radiator leak, radiator broke, radiator fan, leaky hose, broken water pump, broken head or head gasket, or the car running to lean.

Where is the fuse for the horn on a Ford Taurus 2005?

what could be causing lost of gas milage in my 2004 lincoln ls

1994 Pathfinder V6 recently started stalling when idling when warmed up what could be causing this?

Something else to check - this happened to me so I consulted with local authorized Nissan mechanic. Change the worn distributor cap. Simple as that and it fixed this problem for me.

Why would a 1997 escort lx automatic keep on stalling when first started?

could be a fuel problem, possible a plugged converter,

Would a bad egr cause stalling?

It could.It could.

Could my 2001 olds aurora 4.0 be stalling because of the code p0385 crankshaft position sensor?

Possibly. That was the problem with my 2003 4.0.

What makes a car jerk and backfire?

Several things could be causing this problem. The timing could be off, or several sensors could be causing the problem. If possible check the computer codes. If not, then start with a possible clogged egr valve, then the crankshaft sensor.

What might be causing a whining sound from the left front ABS sensor area of a 1999 Taurus wagon?

Could be a bad wheel bearing

If the dash lights go out what is causing it on a 1997 Taurus?

You could have a blown fuse, these lights may also have a knob to dim them make sure this is on.

Don't know what is causing him to have this problem his is taking this protein drink do you think that maybe its something in the protein drink that could be causing the problem?

If someone is having a problem and they are drinking protein drinks, this could cause further problems. If they aren't gaining weight or they are having digestive issues because of it, this could be related to the protein drink.

What happens when water gets in your gas tank?

I believe the water causes condensation in the gas,and could cause a problem with stalling. Provided it is an older model car.

Your 2000 Dodge Intrepid is putting out the code 622?

This means it is a generator fuel control problem. You need to take it in to a mechanic to have it fixed as you could have stalling problems.

95 ford explorer and it keeps stalling when I'm driving i have a new fuel filter but it still stalls what could the problem be?

Idle Air control valve

Why will transmission shift into overdrive but wont stay in overdrive 1996 Chevy 3500?

The transmission for the 1996 Chevy 3500 could be jumping from overdrive for several reasons. The transmission could have a vacuum or electrical problem causing it to come out of overdrive. Or, there could be an internal valve problem causing this to happen.

How you stop 1990 Chrysler Le baron V6 from stalling?

check to see how dirty your air filter is. if is too dirty it could cause the problem it was the cause of mine.

Your car has been stalling recently and then after replacing the air filter it would die if you attempted to go over 10mph What could cause this?

A car engine stalling is not only related to air filter problems. If you air filter was plugged enough to make the car stall then changing the filter would have cured the stalling problem. It sounds like you have a fuel delivery problem seeing as the car will not go over 10mph. Could be a simple as changing the fuel filter. If that doesn't help, your fuel pump could be failing. This is for a non fuel injected vehicle. If your vehicle is fuel injected then the car needs to be taken to a mechanic who can properly diagnose the problem. Hope this helps.

Why does your 1999 Taurus cut out between 25-35mph when accelerating?

You could have a problem with your spark plugs or wires, causing a misfire. If there is a check engine light on, you may have a problem with one of your sensors such as the Mass Airflow Sensor. The other possibilities have to do with fuel delivery - clogged fuel filter, dirty injectors, or a fuel pump on its way out.

Why is my 1997 Ford Taurus over heating?

check the thermostat or the fan motor could be the problem or a leak in radiator. just a thought

What could the problem be with a 1997 jeep Cherokee sport when driven for a while it will die and then start again in about 30 minutes?

The engine could be overheating and stalling, or it could be the drivetrain system. Whatever it is I would highly consider taking it to a trained automachanic.

2001 Ford Escort zx2 has a very bad idle?

If your car is stalling while it is idling you could have a vacuum leak in one of your hoses. I had that problem on my 2000 escort ZX2.