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What could be damaged when an engine overheats?

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How is your heat? Overheating can cause damage generally to head gasket, cylinder head or thermostat. See other posts regarding headgaskets in this forum. answer you can damage whole engine thru overheating but if u had no coolant leak when overheating occurred, u need to check water pump and thermostat in engine

2007-02-15 15:26:37
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Does your MacBook get damaged when it overheats?

It is possible for a Macbook to get damaged when it overheats. The hard drive is the most affected by overheating in Macbooks, but other hardware can be affected by overheating.

1994 cougar V6 is overheating what could be causing it no leaks in radiator and has automatic fan?

Hopefully, it's the thermostat... but, if the engine has seriously overheated it could be a damaged head gasket caused by a warped head. Engine heads will warp slightly when the engine overheats, then there is insufficient pressure on the head gasket and the gasket will leak.

How does a blown radiator hose cause a 2000 dodge durango to not have spark and will not start?

A blown radiator hose could not cause a 2000 Dodge Durango to not have spark and not start unless the heat damaged the computer in the vehicle. Sometimes when an engine overheats, the computer that controls the firing can be damaged.

What kind of a damage results to the engine when overheats It lost coolant and was totally empty and engine overheated and now it is running weird If still runs. can it be repaired?

you may have damaged the head gasket.

Were could engine coolant be leaking from a 1997 Cavalier Z24 2.4l when it sits over night on the street?

It could be coming from the water pump, or from the bottom radiator hose. If it is the water pump, change it before the engine overheats. If the engine in any GM product overheats, you will likely be installing a new one or rebuilding the old.

Your car overheats and smells like burnt oil why?

Oil on engine burning as engine overheats. Sort of common sense, don't ya think?

1996 Ford Taurus engine overheats and boiling water overflows to reservoir?

this could be due to defective or clogged thermostat

Expected life of a head gasket?

The life of the engine unless the engine overheats.

What does a damaged spark plug do tp a engine?

Depends on how it is damaged. if the electrode is bad then your engine will run rough. If the porcelain is cracked you could loose compression. it just depends.

If new headgasket is installed and engine overheats with oil and coolant is coming threw coolant reservoir what should i do?

You have reinstall the head gasket. It has been not tighten enough or damaged. Anyway the replacement was not done properly.

Your 1995 Volvo 850 overheats when you do not have the heat on what is wrong?

Fan could be broken. Pump could be broken. Could be al leak. Or something else. At least: is serious! Could ruin engine foregood. Get it fixed.

Heat inside car works but engine overheats?

Your question is not clear...

What could be wrong if the engine in your Jeep Cherokee Renegade 1995 overheats after running for about 10 minutes but the radiator remains stone cold?

It could be your serpentine belt, thermostat or water pump.

Why car engine designed to prevent overheating?

If an engine overheats the metal parts expand and the engine will seize up. A seized engine is usually unrepairable.

Why does your N14 Cummins engine overheats?

Could be low coolant, but most diesel motors are set to shut down if that occurs. You could have broken a fan belt, you could have a bad thermostat, or a bad water pump. The engine fault codes might be able to pinpoint it for you, as well.

What happens if your engine overheats?

You can blow a head gasket or the head can crack or be warped.

Pinging sound in a1995 Honda civic engine?

If there is a pinging sound in a 1995 Honda Civic engine, the engine could be out of oil. If the engine was operated with no oil for a period of time, the rings and pistons could have become damaged or broken.

How do you fix an engine fan on a 106 as it doesnt come on and the car overheats?

It could be the fan switch mounted on the n/s of the radiator. Easy job, but if you've overheated the engine there may be further problems. Phil

Will lead footing harm the engine of a truck with 270000 miles?

Generally, it's not a recommended practice for any engine. An older, more worn engine could be damaged by it.

Why is the car not recognizing that its hot?

If your question means there is no warning when the engine overheats, here are some possible reasons: --temperature sensor in engine and/or cooling system has failed. --fuse has blown in the circuit that provides power to the temperature sensor, warning gauge or light. --bulb in warning light is broken. --temperature gauge is no longer working. --wiring between some or all of these components is damaged or missing. Driving without a working temperature gauge or light is risky for your wallet. If the car overheats without giving a warning, by the time the driver notices steam coming from under the hood, the engine may already be permanently damaged or destroyed.

What kind of damage do you do to an engine if you drive with no oil?

Ruin it if it overheats with no lubricantProbably seize

How do you you blow a head gasket?

Anytime the engine overheats you have the possibility of blowing the head gasket.

Why does your overflow pop off from the pressure build up?

Assuming you mean the cooling system overflow. If so: * A worn or damaged coolant cap can cause coolant release long before the engine heats up. * an overfilled cooling system will release coolant when the engine warms. * If an engine overheats, either from low coolant, damaged or plugged radiator or worn out or damaged water pump or thermostat, the heat from the engine will turn remaining coolant to steam, creating quite a bit of pressure. * Once an engine has overheated it is possible that the head or block have been damaged. Damage can be either a warped head or as severe as a cracked head or block. You need to determine WHICH has caused the excessive pressure.

How you know if your valve cover is bad?

The valve cover on a typical engine is a non wearing part. If it were damaged it could be bent, warped or cracked and could be the source of an engine oil leak.

When they change the engine on your 1999 Chevy Malibu a month ago and now it overheats what is the problem?

could be many things, most likely it needs oil, needs coolant, or it could just have a faulty thermostat, simple