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How is your heat? Overheating can cause damage generally to head gasket, cylinder head or thermostat. See other posts regarding headgaskets in this forum. answer you can damage whole engine thru overheating but if u had no coolant leak when overheating occurred, u need to check water pump and thermostat in engine

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Q: What could be damaged when an engine overheats?
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Does your MacBook get damaged when it overheats?

It is possible for a Macbook to get damaged when it overheats. The hard drive is the most affected by overheating in Macbooks, but other hardware can be affected by overheating.

1994 cougar V6 is overheating what could be causing it no leaks in radiator and has automatic fan?

Hopefully, it's the thermostat... but, if the engine has seriously overheated it could be a damaged head gasket caused by a warped head. Engine heads will warp slightly when the engine overheats, then there is insufficient pressure on the head gasket and the gasket will leak.

What kind of a damage results to the engine when overheats It lost coolant and was totally empty and engine overheated and now it is running weird If still runs. can it be repaired?

you may have damaged the head gasket.

How does a blown radiator hose cause a 2000 dodge durango to not have spark and will not start?

A blown radiator hose could not cause a 2000 Dodge Durango to not have spark and not start unless the heat damaged the computer in the vehicle. Sometimes when an engine overheats, the computer that controls the firing can be damaged.

Were could engine coolant be leaking from a 1997 Cavalier Z24 2.4l when it sits over night on the street?

It could be coming from the water pump, or from the bottom radiator hose. If it is the water pump, change it before the engine overheats. If the engine in any GM product overheats, you will likely be installing a new one or rebuilding the old.

Your car overheats and smells like burnt oil why?

Oil on engine burning as engine overheats. Sort of common sense, don't ya think?

1996 Ford Taurus engine overheats and boiling water overflows to reservoir?

this could be due to defective or clogged thermostat

Expected life of a head gasket?

The life of the engine unless the engine overheats.

What does a damaged spark plug do tp a engine?

Depends on how it is damaged. if the electrode is bad then your engine will run rough. If the porcelain is cracked you could loose compression. it just depends.

If new headgasket is installed and engine overheats with oil and coolant is coming threw coolant reservoir what should i do?

You have reinstall the head gasket. It has been not tighten enough or damaged. Anyway the replacement was not done properly.

Heat inside car works but engine overheats?

Your question is not clear...

Your 1995 Volvo 850 overheats when you do not have the heat on what is wrong?

Fan could be broken. Pump could be broken. Could be al leak. Or something else. At least: is serious! Could ruin engine foregood. Get it fixed.

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