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Check and see if the fan cluch is good. Your fan. At higher speeds, the fan is not needed due to the high airflow. At low speeds and idle, you need the fan to operate to cool the car.

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AC does not blow cool air until 4th level setting or until its on Max Air what are the possible problems?

The A/C is on a 99 Explorer

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The NHTSA doesn't list any recalls for suspension problems on a 1999 Ford Explorer - the only thing close would be the Firestone tires.

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With about 10 lbs. of C4.

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What are common problems at 99000 miles on a 1996 ford explorer limited edition?


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96 Ford Windstar has overheating problems but the radiator and thermostat is fine after a few miles it overheats and smoke comes from the air intake what is the problem?

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2001 exp has high idle 1200rpm and overheats?

A bad camshaft can cause your engine to idle high and overheat. A fuel injector pump that needs to be adjusted can also cause the same problems.

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Why does your ford explorer make a banging sound in park?

because ford stink they can always have problems like that