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What could be the problem if the heater stopped working and the fan just blows cold air in your 2002 Ford Focus?


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2004-12-01 05:57:24
2004-12-01 05:57:24

Low coolant level, or a plugged heater core.


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Check that the pollen filter has been replaced. Check that the heater fan hasn't seized due to water logging after pollen filter becomes blocked. Check resistor is working (next to heater fan on firewall) Check relay is working correctly.

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where does the engine block heater go in my 2007 ford focus

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no probably have a stopped up heater core or air in coolant system also temp should get to around 190 at least also check that engine fan isn't running all the time

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nearside sidelights not working on ford focus

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The most probabale cause for this sympstom is the blower motor , blower motor relay, or a fuse.

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