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First check your fuses if none are blown then check the switch.

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Q: What could be the problem if the tail lights and dashboard lights are not working your headlights are hooked up on a separate switch?
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Why do only the headlights work when you turn on the lights in a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville but neither the tail lights or dashboard lights are working?

check the fuses - there is no fuse for the headlights.

Your 1999 GMC truck headlights stay on during the day and the drl's aren't working. Why?

You contradict yourself. If your headlights are staying on during the day, then your DRL are working. What is your problem?

What causes headlights and dashboard lights to stop working on a 2007 jeep grand cherokee?

You need to replace your head light switchRutifo

What would be the cause of your dashboard lights not working at night?

Some cars have a knob for the headlights. If this knob is turned left or right when pulled out, it changes the brightness of the dashboard lights from off to full brightness.

What would cause the headlights to stop working on a Ford F150?

The headlights in the Ford F150 may have stopped working due to a bad fuse or bulb. Check these and if it doesn't fix the problem visit a mechanic.

Cruise control stop working on 98 Nissan sentra What is the problem?

cruise control does not work when headlights are on

If right side headlights are not working what could be the problem?

Blown fuse or the lights are just blown and need replacing.

How to turn your headlights on 1976 VW beetle?

Headlights not working

Peugeot 406 speedometer working only after 60mph the rest of dashboard working fine?

You can try to knock on the dashboard area around the speedometer. Or you could resolder the PCB on the backside of your speedo. A very common problem on 406's You can try to knock on the dashboard area around the speedometer. Or you could resolder the PCB on the backside of your speedo. A very common problem on 406's

Headlights not working on Jeep Cherokee?

I own a 2005 jeep Cherokee my headlights on the passenger side is not working changed the bulbs & they are still not working.

How do you fix headlights that only turn on when it is light outside not when it is dark 1990 Cutlass ciera?

It's possible that the fact that it's light or dark has nothing to do with your headlight working or not working. Look into other causes of the problem: Such as: Is is wet outside?, How about overheating of the components surrounding your headlights?

How do you troubleshoot a wiring problem that makes your headlights taillights and gauge cluster lights stop working and the fuses are good?

Check the switch.

What is the problem if the blinkers flashers and headlights stopped working in a 1986 Toyota Corolla?

Sounds like an electrical problem, check your battery, alternator, and fuse box, and light wiring.

How come the headlights won't go on on 2001 ford windstar?

The headlights of a Ford Windstar may have problems going on if they are burnt out or if there is a wiring problem. Blowing a headlight fuse will also lead to both lights not working.

Kia Sportage 2002 model headlights and highbeam not working fuses checked ok.?

i know this will sound silly but first make sure the headlights themselves are not would be surprised how many Kia's come into my shop with headlights not working and all the headlights are blown. after that get a volt meter and disconnect the light and test to see if you have power , remember the dimmer switches are famous for cold solder joints and will also cause this problem.

1998 dodge neon speedo quit working if you hit the dashboard sometimes it will work for a few minutes also fuel gauge went up and down and quit working but now it is back working?

This is a problem with some Neons. There is a block of wires (controller/bus) where most of the dashboard wiring connects. This "block" of wiring overheats and shorts out. It is not an uncommon problem with Neons. Some times lifting the dashboard will "unshort" the block. You may want to try to put a heat sync on it or try some other cooling method ASAP as this problem tends to get worse as time goes on.

Why wont headlights on 1997 Nissan pickup not come on. I replaced with new headlights. All other lights working OK. Checked headlights fuses in box all ok?

I just had the same problem in my '97 Nissan pickup. Both headlights stopped working at the same time. I went through some hoops, including trying a new headlight switch, but it turned out to be some corrosion in the plug for the fusible link that bolts onto the positive terminal of the battery. I cleaned that out and it is working fine again.

2005 Toyota Corolla with dashboard light and tail lights not working All other lights working fine headlights brakeoil temp etc.speedometer working too. fuses are ok.?

Make sure fuse is installed and not loose - same fuse controls parking/tail and dash lights

2004 Honda crv cruise control does not work when headlights are on?


Why aren't your headlights working on your endeavor?

1. You have a busted headlights. 2. You have a busted fuse for the headlight. 3. Have an Electrical wiring connection problem. 4. No battery charge

What do you do when your headlights stop working?

Diagnose them, determine the cause of the problem, and fix it. Email me if you'd like (the address is in my profile page) and maybe I can help you figure this out.

Headlights not working on your 106?

What could cause the headlights to go on but not up on a 1985 Celica GTS if the motors are working?

If the motors are working, then there has to be a problem between the motors and the lights. If they are only "working" though if you bench test them, and they don't actually do anything when you turn on the lights, then there must be an electrical problem such as a break in a wire or a bad ground to the motors.

Why your headlights and tail lights not working on 1981 El Camino?

The headlights and the tail lights may not be working on the 1981 El Camino because of a mechanical breakdown.

1997 suburban Brake lights and turn signals work but tail lights dont what do I do?

Brake lights and turn signals are on a separate circuit from the tail lights. Tail lights are on the same circuit with the dashboard lights. If the dashboard lights aren't working either, check the fuse. If they ARE working, check the headlight switch.