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It could be hives from stress or a drug interaction. Or it could be an allergy to your laundry soap, body soap, etc.

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Q: What could be the problem if you have a rash or blotchiness that appears on the chest and lasts only a few minutes?
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What is a confluence of shadows on a chest x ray?

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Why does your chest hurt when you run?

Go to the doctor. This is not the forum to get an answer on this problem.

Can soreness on the outside of the chest be atributed to heart problems?

Soreness on the outside of the chest can be attributed to a heart problem, a mediastinum problem, a lung problem, a rib problem or even a virus believe it or not. See a physician for a proper diagnosis. (think about your bed too, too old?)

You have some chest problem what time it will correct?

some time i feel wait in chest and also my chest is vibrate for few second . i feel it not daily some time

Why does your right side of chest hurt?

Chest pain in the right side of the chest indicates a serious health problem. This can include a viral infection, gastritis, or gallbladder diseases.

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Possibly a heart attack

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What can be wrong when got ache pain in your chest around ribs an hurts more when breath in?

It can be warning signs of Heart Problem or Chest infection.

At what age are women likely to have chest pains?

Women can have chest pains starting from a young age but usually in the mid 30s the chest pain can be very prominent and can be indication of some heart problem.

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This person is having Diharrea.

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probably. get it checked out asap