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What could be wrong if a Ford Expedition will not go into gear?

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Automatic? Torque converter no longer pumping fluid Valve body blockage Shift linkage broke? Manual? Shift linkage broke? Shift fork broke or bent Gear breakage? throwout bearing not working? Here are some ideas................................ ON MINE, IT WAS THE PIVOT PIN AT THE BASE OF THE SHIFT LEVER HAD MOVED OR SLIPPED OUT OF POSITION. I JUST HAD TO TAP IT BACK INTO POSITION.

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Your 2003 Ford Focus will not go into gear?

i have 2003 ford ex cape and my ford ex cape i cant get the shifter to go into gear what possibly could be wrong

Your 1997 ford expedition wont go into gear unless you put it into neutral before you start it what could the problem be?

could be the neutral safety switch.

What could be wrong with a 1993 ford ranger it will not go in drive?

The shifter linkage is loose or the drive gear is worn out.

What could be the cause of loud noise when using the passing gear on 2000 ford expedition xlt?

Check your rear Shocks, Transmission mount, exc.

How do you change gear oil in a 1998 expedition?

How do you change gear oil in a 1998 expedition?"

Why cant you put your 1999 ford ranger into gear after starting it?

if it is not going into gear when it is started, if it is a standard transmission then it could be that your clutch is not engaging or that your gears are stripped in the caseing of the transmission, if it is an automatic then your torque converter could be bad or there is something wrong with the shift linkage

What is wrong with your 2000 zx6e it pops out of second gear?

your second gear could be shot and needs to be replaced.

What could be wrong with your 1998 Ford escort zx2 sport it tries to turn over but the battery goes dead and it won't go in gear?

Check the cooling fan

What could be wrong a 1991 Ford F150 if you had too much play in the steering wheel and you adjusted the gear box now your steering pump moans and does not come back straight on it's own after a turn?

over tightened gear box.

What will cause a 1998 Ford Expedition transmission to not run when put into gear or reverse?

probly a bad torque convertor. if a dealers does it figure a grand for it.

Why does my Ford Mondeo ST220 jump out of 2nd gear?

The Ford Mondeo ST220 could be jumping from 2nd gear due to a chipped gear or worn shifter fork. The transmission will probably need to be taken apart to be repaired.

Your 1996 ford explorer will not drive forward but will go in reverse what is wrong with it?

You need a new gear box (transmission)

You are having a hard time on gaing speed when you switched gear?

you could be going into the wrong gear or you need to have it loosened or greased up

Where is override button located in A 1999 ford expedition?

Your overdrive on / off button is on the end of your gear selector lever ( P R N etc. )

Why might a 2003 Ford Taurus shift into gear but will not go?

Could be low ATF.

What causes the ignition switch on ford expedition to lock up?

Try using WD-40, it maybe a dirty cylinder.and try moving gear shifter!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a knocking noise in the right rear interior panel on a 2005 ford expedition?

rear a/c blend door actuator bad [broken plastic gear]

Are the front brake rotors on a 97 ford expedition pressed on?

No there not press on. They are Flowting Rotors. You will need a 3 jaw gear puller to be able to remove them easy.

What cause a fuse to blow after replacing them in a 2002 ford expedition pwr windows and wipers and gear out of park?

Sounds like you have a short in the electrical system somewhere.

1999 expedition Why does the transfer case shift into gear on dry roads and then not shift back out?

My brother's 2000 Ford Expedition EB does the same thing only when one of his tires is low in air. Due to the AWD. Instead of the 2wd.

What could be wrong if a 1990 F150 pickup dies when it is put into gear?

Torque convertor could be defective siezed up.

Have a 1997 Nissan pu 5 speed grinds going into third gear. What could be wrong?

3rd gear is bad,must put new gear in or replace transmission.

What symptoms if transmission fluid is very low in 2001 Ford Expedition?

Transmission starts to slip in and out of gear... Make sure fluid is level and never over fill...

What is wrong if a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 is hard shifting in every gear and now the amber engine light is on?


How do you get a 2004 Ford Expedition out of 4x4 low?

Bring your Expedition to a stop , with your foot on the brake pedal shift your transmission to NEUTRAL , then turn your selector dial to whichever setting you wish ( 2H / A4WD / 4 H) and then put your transmission in gear

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