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Black blood means dead blood and red means fresh. Sometimes the blood will clot and become dark brown (almost black) and also appear clotty or stringy. It's wise to see your doctor for a pelvic examination.

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What is brown spotting?

brown spotting is just what is sounds like. old blood is brown. spotting describes the result of drops of blood on a surface. thus, old blood drops=brown spotting.

If have been spotting brown and bleeding then after almost a week of spotting you start cramping are you pregnant or did you have a miscarriage?

im 16 and i was supposed to start my period a couple weeks ago and i never did now i am spotting brown blood i was wondering if anyone could tell me what that means

How is spotting different from menstrual period?

menstrual period is the monthly blood circulation of girls while spotting are the release of the blood when you are pregnant

If im spotting with blood clots could i still be pregnant?

You can still be pregnant even though you are spotting and loosing blood clots.

Is spotting black common in early pregnancy?

See the doctor or midwife ANSWER: if you see what looks like black its probably really blood but just thick blood. touch it to see if its really red. depending on the amount it can be normal to spot.

Is it normal to have clotts of blood when spotting?

no it is not normal

What does spotting brown blood mean?


Is it normal to begin spotting a few days after a period appears to be completely over?

If the spotting is brown blood then this is simply left over blood from your period.

What does spotting and cramps mean?

Spotting is the spillage of blood from the vagina not a period. And cramps are the uterus contracting so blood could come out... what we call a period.

If ive been spotting for almost a week with some blood clots could that mean im pregnant or is it just an extremely light period?

The spotting and blood clots could just be part of a normal light period. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant would be to take a pregnancy test.

How does your stool look losing blood?

Darker than normal. Almost black.

Brown spotting after cvs?

Very common. Brown blood is old blood and should not be too concerning. If you begin spotting red blood or experience cramping you should contact your OB.

What are symptoms of spotting?

Spotting is just that...period blood that isn't a full on flow. There will little bits here and there.

What does the light brown blood spots mean?

brown "spotting" or pink "spotting" is a sign of fresh or dried blood from where your fertilized egg burrows into your uterine wall.

Is red spotting common in early pregnancy?

Spotting in gernal is very common in early pregnany. As the new baby pushes itself into the blood lining of the uterus, the extra blood sometimes comes out in spotting or a very light period

How does spotting look like?

Brownish/pinkish blood

Can you still be pregnant if your spotting blood and brownish?


What does it mean when your spotting light pink blood?


Can you have a negative hpt and have light blood spotting and still be pregnant?

i have spotting but its a light flow that i have never had. i have all the pregnant symptoms is it normal the blood is not brown but a deep red?

What exactly is spotting?

Spotting is when there is a minimal blood flow - not even a flow, but literally a few spots found in your underwear.

What does spotting mean 14 days of your menstrul cycle?

Spotting is when you will randomly have a little blood. Not a full blown flow.

5 weeks and spotting is brownish and now reddish?

It could be impantation spotting. If you had sex within a day of the spotting starting it could be from the cervix. However if it is changing to red you need to go to see a doctor asap, and make sure your not having a miscarriage. When I was first pregnant with my baby I had spotting without sex and it was from implantation but it was brown blood which is old blood. Red blood is fresh blood!! Good luck.

If your dog is spotting blood is it on its period?

I have a dog that is about 7 months old and she just started spotting. Yes she is on her period or "in heat".

What is light Brown spotting only when wiping?

Hi, Your question is: What is light brown spotting only when wiping? Brown spotting is old blood and can indicate several things: * UTI * Vaginal infection * Left over blood from your period * Pregnancy * Withdrawal bleed from birth control * Spotting due to morning after pill

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