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There is no way for grease to be in your oil for your expedition. There are no "grease-able" part on your engine or transmission for that matter. You are probably seeing either gummed oil or perhaps you are having a head gasket problem that is allowing water into your oil. This would make a mixture looking slightly like mayonase in your oil pan and engine. With as many miles as you are describing in your car, it is most likely the case that there is just some build up of sludge from inferior oil breaking down and 'sludging up'

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Q: What could be wrong if you find grease in the oil of your 1997 ford Expedition with 140000 miles?
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Ford Expedition Only Has Two Grease Fittings. Front Suspension Grease Fitting Locations ( Upper Ball Joints And Lower Ball Joints Grease Fittings.) On Driver and Passenger Side. How To Apply Grease: Wipe The balljoint grease fitting clean and push the nozzle firmly over it. Squeeze the trigger on the grease gun to force grease into the component. The balljoints should be lubricated until the rubber seal is firm to the touch. Do not pump too much grease into the fittings as it could rupture the seal. FYI: Ford Only Makes Two Grease Fittings On Their Pickups and SUV. So if you have any problems with bushings, you will have to go back to Ford to get them replaced or find a mechanic who can replace them without the high cost that Ford will charge you or do them yourself if you have mechanic skills. As on the other hand Chevy Pickups and SUV are great, Chevy has a total of Fourteen Grease Fittings for the entire vehicle suspension. All You have to do is get a grease gun, get under the truck and grease all fourteen fittings. Believe me take it from someone who learned first hand. I have a 97 Ford Expedition myself w/ 215,000 miles and still running great no transmission work yet. (thank god)..... Don't get me wrong Expeditions are great SUV but Ford could have made more than 2 grease fittings. You actually need the fourteen grease fittings like Chevy SUV but you don't. Actually there are 2 more fittings on a 97 Expo that shouldn't be ignored. The Idler arm has 2 grease fittings. Keeping this lubed up will greatly extend it's life, which is one of the weak points on the Ford expo like the dang igcnition coils....MY KINGDOM FOR RELIABLE COIL PACKS!!!!Sorry, got off track there. The Idler arm is part of the steering system, and resides on the passenger side of the Expedition, close to the front. It may be covered by grease and dirt, but the bottom fitting should be in plain view. If you can't find it, Google "Ford Idler Arm" and you'll get hundreds of pics that show it, and show it in place so you'll know where to look.

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What are the gas consumptions rates for a Ford Expedition?

The Miles Per Gallon for a 2009 Ford Expedition is 14 miles for city driving and 20 miles for highway driving. This depends on the year and model, but the following are some base rates. Both the 2009 and 2010 Expedition offers 14MPG city, and 20MPG highway. Of course, your milage will vary.

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