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not a lot luv. you can't control how lon it will take for it to finish sometimes it may take longer that normal.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-16 11:32:36
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Q: What could be wrong if you normally have a short period but you have now been on your period for 8 days?
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What could be wrong if you are six days late for your menstrual period which normally occurs on a regular basis?

Stress among other factors can cause you period to come late. If you've had unprotected sex you could be pregnant.

What could be wrong if your period arrived on time except you only spotted every day rather than have a regular flow like you normally do and it lasted for almost two weeks?

You could be pregnancy or have a hormonal imbalance.

If you think you might be pregnant because your stomach is hard but your period comes normally could something else be wrong?

Hardness or tenderness of the stomach can be related to plenty of things for example constipation. But if your period came like it normally would, I would not be concerned of pregnancy but if you have any doubts, contact your dr.

What could be wrong if you have a 28-day cycle but last month your period was very light and at the end of that same month it came again but as it normally would?

Hi, This could be due to a hormonal imbalance or pregnancy. See your doctor.

You have had your period for 18 days straight what could be wrong?

see a doctor

What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting brown blood?

nothings wrong it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign

Your period came on and a string came out?

If your period came on and a string came out this is not good. You could have something very wrong.

What could be wrong if you haven't had period since October?

You could be pregnant, you need to go and see your doctor.

No period no symptoms of being pregnant What is wrong?

Your period could just be late, this happens sometimes.

In sims 3 what time does the bus come for the children?

I believe it is normally 8 AM but I could be wrong.

Your mare is breathing heavy she is not short of breath What could be wrong with her?

s/he could either be sick or pregnant

What is wrong if you are missing your period?

Could be one of several things. Pregnancy is one of them.

What could be wrong if a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant has occasional trouble taking off like it slipped into neutral?

It "could" be that it is LOW on fluid in the transmission or the fuel filter is plugging up for a short period of time. Check the fluid level.

Is it wrong or dangerous for your health to eat Baby powder when you are about to get your period?

There really anything WRONG with it and I can't imagine that it could effect your period, BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO EAT BABY POWDER?

I have had Heavy short periods with bad crampsabdominol pains days after period finishes last two periods and normally have longer less painful periods Could something be wrong?

no i dont think anything is wrong. if your periods are close together, then the pains might just be because of the ovary releasing the egg sooner then expected and they are possibly just normal period pains like every one else gets.Periods causes pain because it is something that is coming from the body and you are losing a lot of blood. Some people do not hurt while having a period.

Can you be 8 weeks pregnant and get your period?

Normally, you should not have your period if you are 8 weeks pregnant from my understanding, if this is happening go talk to your doctor. but please be sure to correct me if I'm wrong.

What could be wrong if you have not had your period in three months?

You could likely be pregnant or some other medical condition. Get it checked out.

What can be the causes of having a period for six weeks?

It could be stress or it could be a signal that something is wrong....See a doctor

What could be wrong if your period normally lasts five days and this month it has lasted seven days and shows no sign of stopping?

Sometimes this does occur for a unknown reason. However you do need to see your Doctor to find out what's going on.

What could be wrong if your on a period for over 2 weeks?

if period is more that five days instead of mormal day when first pack novelon contraceptive pills start then anything wrong?

What could be wrong if you haven't had a period in 3 months?

maybe your pregnant have you took a test

Your period is 3 days late but you are not pregnant What could be wrong?

Emotions can cause you to be late

What is wrong with you if you always have a late period?

you could be pregnant, you're iregular, or you're annorexic.

When its been six weeks and your still on your period What is wrong?

This could be serious see a doctor

What if you don't start your period in months?

i would get that checked out. you could be pregnant, or there is something wrong with your menustration that could be dangerous to your health.