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What could be wrong if your car sometimes shuts down but when you pump on the gas a few times it re-starts and when the rpm goes below 1000 it starts coughing and shuts down immediately?

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2015-07-17 17:35:36
2015-07-17 17:35:36

Chances are your o2 sensor is detecting an improper mixture of o2/fuel. Either your o2 sensor is failing or there is a hole between your air intake and the throttle body (Possibly on the rubber elbow).

Disreagrd the last answer, no offense but it doesnt make any sense. Sounds like you are talking about a carburated vehicle here, due to the fact that pumping the gas pedal in a fuel injected system does nothing. Chances are you have internal carburetor problems. Depending on the type of carburetor there can be a vast amount of non functioning parts. Have it rebuilt.

sounds like the ignition switch is connected to the gas pedal. My brother tells me that when it happens to me! I may be blond but my brother knows alot about cars!!

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