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Please take your pet to the vet immediately! Vets looks after ALL animals. It is really important you see that vet as soon as possible and I can't stress this enough.

Good luck Marcy

AnswerTake it to the Vet! It sounds like your piggy could have a calcium deficiency. If so this can be fixed.
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Q: What could be wrong if your guinea pig is dragging both legs behind it and what can you do to help her?
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Your guinea pig is dragging his behind legs what is wrong with him?

The guinea pig is either too fat or lazy, but if your guinea pig is too fat I'm afraid it might die :(

If a guinea pig is not eating or drinking and dragging her legs what should you do?

Take her to a vet immediately. There is something seriously wrong with her.

What is wrong with the long haired guinea pig he is losing hair?

Take him to a vet he could have mites or guinea pig lice.

You have a Calif buck that now is dragging it feets acts like it can't walk what could be wrong?

It hasn't been taken to the VETERINARIAN1

Can hamsters and guinea pigs mate?

No ! A hamster and guinea pig cannot mate, that would just be wrong, they could possibley try humping but there would be no babys

If a guinea pig does not move much whats the matter?

The guinea pig could be very ill. Take it to an exotics vet immediately so they can determine what is wrong.

What is wrong with your guinea pig if it is squeaking?

If the guinea pig is squeaking it is either happy or just excited to see you, or it could be hungry if it doesn't have anymore food, or water.

Why does your guinea pig always fall over?

My guinea pig always falls over when I brush her so I may be brushing her to hard or she has something wrong with one of legs.somtimes your guinea pig could have a ear infection and may fall over because of that if somthing is wrong or if your guinea pig will not stand up please take it to the vet as fast as you can and keep your guinea pig warm

Do guinea pigs and hamsters get along?

probably not... Because hamsters are a**holes! and i might be wrong, but i think guinea pigs could eat them. lol probably not, but still, i wouldn't do that...

What is wrong with a guinea pig if it is more sluggish than normal?

It could be it needs more vitamin c, guinea pigs must have fresh vegetables every day.

What could be wrong if a hamster is dragging its back legs?

Either he sprained, twisted, or broke his back legs. Hamsters usually do not drag their hind legs around.

Is it normal for a guinea pig to shed or lose hair with no other symptoms?

There could be something wrong with it's diet.

What's wrong if your hamster broke its back leg a while ago and now it is dragging them behind it when he walks and the day it broke its leg it only was dragging one leg and now it's dragging both?

This is hard to say without actually seeing the hamster but my guess is that its other leg got tired and the bones healed into that position. I strongly recommend to bring it to the vet for a check up.

What is wrong with your guinea pig?


How can you heal a guinea pig's eye without going to the vet?

I advise that you go to a vet if you suspect anything is wrong with your Guinea Pig. If you give your pet the wrong medications you could kill or seriously harm your cavy. I strongly suggest that you visit a vet.

How do guinea pigs live together in the wild?

Wrong. Guinea pigs are domesticated.

Do this action if Excel suggests the wrong range after clicking the sum button?

Correct the range by dragging the appropriate cells in the worksheet. You could also type in the correct range.

What is wrong with a guinea pig's butt?


Can you cut guinea pig hair?

I cut my guinea pig's hair and nothing has gone wrong.

How do you treat the flu for guinea pigs?

Take your guinea pig to the vet if something seems wrong...

What does it mean when a guini pig vibrates?

It could mean that the guinea pig is annoyed, possibly because you are petting it on the wrong places. Check out the provided link with guinea pig sounds to identify the behaviour more precisely.

How do you if there something wrong with the guinea pig?

take it to the doctor

What is wrong with the guinea pig if his ear is pink with thinning hair?

Then your guinea pig has probablly a serious disease

What's wrong with your guinea pig's eye if it is red and bulging and you can not see the pupil and other eye is normal and your guinea pig is acting normal?

it could be an eye infection or it caught somthing in its eye OR it possibly going blind in that eye

What could be wrong with your guinea pig whose back legs are paralyzed?

There is a possibility that the guinea pig can have a vitamin C or vitamin B deficiency, or it could have a calcium deficiency. The best thing to do would be to check with the vet but some extra vitamins might also help to solve the problem.