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There is something wrong with the compressor or there is no refrigerant in the system. Have it checked out. Goodluck Joe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-09 11:53:45
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Q: What could be wrong when the AC only blows out hot air?
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Your 2000 Nissan Exterra's Air Contitioning only blows on high what could be wrong?

AnswerReplace the blower resistor.

What could be wrong if the AC only blows hot air?

Needs freon? Blown fuse? Broken belt? Possible mechanical problem?

What could be wrong with the heat in your 1998 Honda accord Even when you turn it to 90 degrees on the climate control it still only blows cold air?

it could be your thermo stat

2002 Pontiac Grand Am blows out only cold air what could be wrong?

vacuum line from intake manifold to control unit in dash broken or disconnected

Air conditioner blows hot air when turned on only?

Because something is wrong with it. When it is off it does`nt blow anything, that `s why you only notice it when it is on.

What could be wrong with a 2001 Nissan Altima if the air conditioner blows air but not cold air and I have already recharged the system?


What could be wrong if your home AC blows cool air but not very cold?

check you thermostat for the temp setting

What could be wrong with your ruud central air system if it only blows but no cold air comes out of the vents inside the home?

It could be a low charge, but start by cleaning your filter and see if that helps. If the compressor isn't coming on, it could be burned up.

What could be wrong if your central air conditioner one vent blows cool air and the other warm air?

the motor is going out it has freon in it but the motor is shot

What is wrong with your heater on your 2001 mercury grand marquis if it only blows cold air?

You are likely in an antarctic region.

Ruud furnace only blows cold air no heat?

ruud furnace only blows cold air, no heat

What could be wrong with my HVAC unit if the heat does not blow warm air and the air conditioning works or blows cool air?

Its broken Are you a 5 year old or an unfunny comedian?

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