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Did you try erasing the stored code. If you don't erase them, they will continue to show, even though new parts were put in.

Discontect negative cable from battery for 1 - 2 minutes, if you have a 12 pin (ALDL)Assembly Line Data Link. (early 94 & back)

Use a scanner to remove them if your car is OBDII compliant. Which would have a 16 pin (ALDL)< some were installed in Pre 96(later 94-95)

Or go to Pep Boy's if no scanner is available.

After you erase codes, PCM will have to re-learn all it's stored info, and verify new parts to monitor. It will take so many start cycles, and so many miles before it will show any fault codes if any, before you can determine if the parts you replaced cured the problem.

Also, did you try testing the wiring and circuits before replacing the solenoids?

New parts with malfunctioning wiring or circuits will still show a code as being bad?

Test parts and trace circiuts First! Replace parts Last!$$$$$$$$ Search & Destroy for problems, before taking a hit on price for parts.

PCM codes, get you in the general problem area. Then it leaves the rest up to you! Some day they will pinpoint them for us, but unfortunately it won't be this day!!

When i had this come on with my 95, i found an exhaust leak in the front of the motor near the alternator. I would tighten all your bolts and also look for any vacuum leaks that maybe around. (do this if your codes continue to come back after clearing them)

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Q: What could be wrong with a 1995 Camaro if the code said EGR valve 2 and 3 solenoid bad but after replacing them the check engine light still comes on?
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