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What could cause a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron convertible to have starting and stalling problems?

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Anything and everything, really. What you need to do first is check for fault codes stored in the computer. Chrysler conveniently made them easy to get at. See for a description of how to get them, and what they mean.

2007-08-11 18:51:20
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What does a clogged fuel filter cause for problems?

Hard starting, stalling, and eventually it will burn your fuel pump out.

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What problems can a bad fuel filter cause?

Hard starting and engine stalling. Eventually the filter will become completely clogged and the engine will not start.

1999 Seville sts has starting and stalling problems?

Check the fuel pressure. Check the computer codes for possible sensor issues. It is possible that a sensor is sending wrong info to the computer.

Symptoms of ignition coil failure?

There are 5 symptoms of ignition coil failure. They are: backfiring, starting problems, fuel economy is off (less millage per mile), engine misfiring, and vehicle stalling.

What are symptoms of clogged fuel filter?

Hard starting and stalling. When in doubt, replace the filter.

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check your main relay, that is a problem in those years after a while..

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Why is my 97 Chevy S10 stalling and dying and having trouble starting?

Start with replacing the fuel filter.

How do you know if a fuel pump is bad on a 96 ford mustang?

Noisy pump, hard starting, stalling.

How do you know if your fuel pump on your 1996 camaro is going bad?

Noisy pump, hard starting, stalling.

How do you know when a fuel pump is going out on a 2000 dodge grand caravan?

Noisy pump, hard starting, stalling.

Where can you find information on replacing the entire convertible top on a 94 Chrysler Lebaron?

Go to, they sell tops starting at $96. Just do some investigating before doing it yourself, the first time I did it , it took me two tries, the second car I did it on it was much easier.

What are symptoms of a bad fuel pump?

Hard starting, stalling, and eventually a no run condition. Be sure and replace the fuel filter.

Astra 1.6 16v Ecotec stalling and not starting when hot?

Could be a variety of causes Cam angle sensor to thermostat

What are signs fuel pump is going bad in a 99 durango?

Hard starting, stalling, noisy pump, and finally total failure.

What causes hot stalling and starting problem Taurus?

you mean like overheating? could be a number of problems, radiator leak, radiator broke, radiator fan, leaky hose, broken water pump, broken head or head gasket, or the car running to lean.

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What is the firing order 1995 BMW 328?

Having an incorrect firing order on a 1995 BMW 318 will result in stalling or problems starting. The correct firing order for this vehicle is 1 3 4 2.(There are no 328's only 318 and 325 Title Typo)

Which computer on a 1999 Chrysler Sebring will keep it from starting?

Engine, Transmission, Body, can all prevent starting in different ways.

Why Isnt your Chrysler New Yorker Starting?

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What is the cause of stalling immediately after starting for a Volvo 240DL?

Souds like vaccum leak, anywhere between MAF sensor and intake manifold.

In a 1999 Sebring convertible can the SENTRY immobilizer prevent the car from starting even if you have the correct ignition key?


Why do I have Mazda 6 starting problems?

You might have Mazda 6 starting problems because your battery is bad or because you have a damaged starter. You might also have problems if you have no gas in the vehicle.