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What could cause a different smell and tingling urination and a late period?


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January 04, 2009 11:15AM

You probably have a bladder infection or a yeast infection for a bladder infection drink lots of water and some kind of cranberry juice and if that does not help you will need an antibiotic and if it is a yeast infection it will itch some times go to the store and get some yeast infection cream or it may not be nothing except you need to douche with summer eve vinegar douche and if you use tampons a piece may have broken off and is still in you and that could cause your problem.

I disagree with the above concerning the douching - douching actually changes the pH level within and can cause a yeast infection if you do not have one - douching is not for everyone. And as a person that had chronic bladder infections in the past if that is the case you will need to visit a doctor and be treated for it - they just don't go away on their own, the symptoms may subside for a bit but they will continue to reoccur if not treated properly and inevitably become worse.

As a nurse I think it is best that you go to your local clinic or doctor and have a urine test done and maybe even a PAP - those symptoms are also symptoms of a variety of STD's.