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MAYBE ALLERGIE TO THE METAL PART OF YOUR BELT It could be hives. I took a medication that I didn't know I was allergic too and had hives (diagnosed.) It was on my stomach to waist and lighter on my arms. It could also be your laundry detergent or softener you are using on your clothes. Change that to see if this is the cause. Also check out any body lotions you may be using. Usually "Aveeno" (made with oatmeal) is the best for one's skin and has a lower risk of Allergies.

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What could cause pain and heaviness in your arms?

Poor circulation is the most common cause of pain and heaviness in your arms. However, you also could have pulled a muscle.

Does the shake weight cause weight loss in your stomach?

It is supposed to help one tone their arms.

How do you hug a tall girl?

You put your arms around her waist and she will put her arms on your shoulders

What could cause pins and needles in both arms?

usually neuropathic

When a guy has his arms around your waist while holding you what should you do with your hands?

you should hold his waist too, that looks cute :")

When you hug a guy where do you put your hands?

You can either wrap your arms around his neck or wrap your arms around his waist

What are the main muscles used during gymnastics?

Depending on the kind of gymnastics you do, it could be your legs, arms, or stomach muscles.

Are guys being sexy when they put their arms around a girl's waist?

apparently not

Can gas cause your arms to hurt?

Can gas cause your arms to hurt?

Where to hold a girl when kissing?

That could place your hands on her waist, or hold her hands. if she takes your hips, hold her upper arms. I don't recommend around the neck.

What are the best exercises for butts arms stomach thighs neck and arms?

butt and thighs -> lunges stomach -> situps arms you should do curls and skull crushers. Neck bridges can help your neck, but be careful!

How do you slow dance with your boyfriend?

You wrap your arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around your waist, then you sway side to side. Good Luck!

What is the cause of non itchy white bumps on arms?

It could be a spider bite or anything else.

What could cause you to be itchy on your arms and neck for the pasr month?

If you are itchy on your arms and neck it may be allergies. The only way to know for certain is to see a physician.

How do guys hug girls they like?

Grab her by the waist after you wrap your arms around her and hold her tight!

What does a partial bed bath consist of?

face neck chest arms (waist up only!)

What should you do if your waist is 38 and your hips are 32 my bust is 38d when i try to lose waist in my hips i lose all the fat in my legs and then in my hips and arms but still have a large waist?

Have you tried a weighted hulahoop? It will slim down your waist, and for your hips...sit down and eat. JK JK

What would cause both arms to feel cold and also a pain in left arm?

Poor circulation would cause your arms to feel cold. The pain in your left arm could be from your back being out of alignment. You could try visiting a chiropractor or osteopath and getting an adjustment.

Can shingles cause warts on the arms and legs?

Shingles won't cause warts on the arms and legs.

Red itchy spots on stomach back and arms?

The red itchy spots can be many different things. It could be some type of allergic reaction. It could also be poison ivy.

How should you hug your girlfriend?

I am personally a girl, & how you should hug your girlfriend is wrap your arms around her waist,some girls like it when you hug their waist from behind! i'm sure i do!

What is the cause and treatment of red itchy bumps all over legs arms stomach back?

Not a doctor but I would take some benadryl and if that did not work see a doctor.

What could be the cause of swollen glands in neck and under the arms?

The cause of swollen glands in the neck and under the arms might be due the affected lymphnodes. The swelling of the neck can also occur when there is overworking of thyroid galnd ending in goitre.

You are with your boyfriend and he puts his arms around your waist but his body doesnt touch mine what does it mean?

he is a lil shy

When a guy puts his arms around youre waist from behind?

That is the most special hug, he truly likes you.