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Could possibly be a bad water pump. Get it checked by a mechanic.

Check water pump first. if that's is not problem it sounds like your timing belt is worn and stretched and needs a new one.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:57:28
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Q: What could cause a rattling noise in head-timing belt area that sounds like a pulley bearing noise?
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What is causing your air conditioning pulley in the 1992 Chrysler fifth avenue to make noise?

Sounds like it might be a bearing problem.

Is it normal for a camera to make vibration rattling sounds?

No.... never a camera should never vibrate or make rattling sounds. If it is doing so then your camera is destroyed.

Rattling sounds due to obstruction of large airways?


My 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee's left front tire sounds like it is rattling off the vehicle while traveling over rough streets. The steering is not impaired but it sounds like something is loose.any input?

have the bearing housing checked they run abut $150 ea

What causes a rattling that sounds like it is inside the muffler of a Mercedes 320SLK?

The rattling you are asking about turned out on my 320 to be the catalytic converter breaking up internally.

What would cause a metallic whine from a 2003 Mercedes E320?

If the noise sounds like a power steering whine it could be caused by the A/C compressor clutch bearing or the belt idler pulley.

My car sounds like a jet the faster i go the louder the noise gets?

Bad bearing in a belt driven accessory? i.e. alternator, water pump, idler pulley, belt tensioner, etc.?

You have 91 pathfinder 4wd 5 sp it has a bad rattling noise in 1 2 3 5 gear 4 gear is totally quiet only when clutch is disengaged sounds like trowout bearing?

That sounds like a pocket bearing in the transmission. In every other gear power flow runs through the countershaft so the input and output shafts run separately at separate speeds the bearing between them is called the pocket bearing. Only in 4th gear are they locked together and run as one shaft. The repair for this would be a transmission rebuild.

My car Sounds like chains rattling when you hit a bump?

shock absorber or strut loose bolts

What could cause the air conditioner on a vehicle to make noise?

Depends on the noise. If it's a high screaching type of sounds the a/c belt is probably worn or dryed out so replace it. If it's a rattling sound it's probably a bearing that has gone bad.

Car makes rattling noise while speedng up?

sounds like the cv joints need replaced

Rattling and whistling noise coming from under 1994 ford explorer 4.0L 4 door?

The rattling and whistling on the 94 Explorer sounds like an exhaust problem. Check the exhaust for any leaks or loose connections.

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