What could cause numbness in the head and side of the face?

Provided you have ruled out a stroke. I have had this sensation occur and it was due to a misalignment in my vertebrae pressing on nerves. I went to my chiropractor and he resolved the issue in 2 minutes. With bi-weekly follow-ups, it has never returned.


It could be as simple as stress. When we get stressed or even just sitting all day at a computer (at work) our necks and back take a beating. You could have a pinched nerve in your back or neck. My bet it's your neck. Here's a test:

Just up on the meaty part of your upper shoulders, press down quite hard with your fingers and see if this numbness goes away. Don't forget to try it on both sides. Also use the flat of your fingers and press firmly up the base of your neck. If the numbness subsides, you have a neck problem. If this is the case and you can afford to go to a massage therapist please do. If you can't afford it get someone to massage your neck or put some heat on it and take a break for a bit. Be sure your pillow on your bed is a good one and craddles your neck area. If it doesn't you can buy a sponge pillow with the neck support quite cheap or you can go to a drug store and ask if they sell the sponge roll to put inside your pillow case just below your original pillow. I use the roll and find I have gotten rid of a lot of numbness and neck pain.

If this doesn't work it's worth seeing your doctor to be sure you don't have any type of nerve damage. I highly doubt it, but it can't hurt to have it checked out.

Good luck Marcy


this could be bells pallsy. the nerve travelling through the ear cannal becomes swollen and damaged. it would feel like being under a dental anasthetic on one side of the face