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There's a wire making contact with your Plumbing somewhere. You need to track this down and have it repaired as it could cause a short and start a fire. whoa If you have metal pipes with the electrical system grounded to your pipes. Unplug everything that you have in the house with three prong plugs. They make the item safe by passing shorts to the third wire(ground) that then goes to your pipes! try and see if it still has voltage on it. If not then plug in one item at a time and check to see each time if voltage is present. If you find the itemn that is shorting out repair or replace it!! If that does not solve it call an electrician you may be able to withstand the shock but someone with a weak heart can't and if there was a surge or amp loading when you used the sink you might not be able to withstand it either!!!!

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Q: What could cause one to get a painful shock when touching a wet metal sink?
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