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The Check engine light could be several different problems, not solely the gas gap not being tight. Your emissions could be messed up. Placing fuel injector cleaner in your gas and using a higher octane could solve the problem. Another problem could be your air intake. Change your air filter and clean out any dirt in the filter housing. The final issue could be oxysgen sensors. I have read that they need to be replaced anywhere from 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles. A bad O2 sensor will turn on the check engine light. Good luck. The evaporation cannister is a likely culprit. These are known to be faulty on many Chevy Prizm models. I know the 99s have them for sure, because I just had mine replaced a few months ago. It's a costly repair; I hope you have a warranty.

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Q: What could cause the check engine light that throws the gas cap code to come on again several days after retightening the cap?
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