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Look for a broken blade on the radiator cooling fan(s), if one is cracked, it will throw the whole fan off balance.

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Q: What could cause the front bumper and the entire car to shake and vibrate when the AC is on?
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Perhaps your timing.

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check the recalls for the 99 mercury cougar!! it includes a recall on the throttle cable...

Would a bad water pump cause the tensioner to vibrate loose pulling the alternator belt off in a front wheel drive '87 Pontiac Grand Am 2.5l?

It could cause it. It could be something else though. It could also be a worn-out tensioner.

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could be a broken engine mount.

Would a defector alternator on a 1994 Lincoln MK VIII cause entire electrical system and engine shutdown?

it could do

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Do bad rims cause bad alignment?

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What could cause a 2006 Chevy Malibu to vibrate in park?

If it's a severe vibration, expect a bad mount. If it's very slight, that might just be normal operation of the reciprocating engine.

Why does my steering wheel vibrate at low speeds?

could be a blockage in your fuel lines.