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My 95 Windstar back-up lights were not working, I had to replace the Gear Position Sensor (Transmission Range Sensor / Neutral Safety Switch) which is located behind/below the air filter, It took 10 minutes, and cost only $23.00 at the local parts store.

Fuses - 1999-2003 Models
According to the Owners Manual, fuse #7 in the INSIDE fusebox protects the following:
  • Left rear turn lamp,
  • Backup lamps,
  • Right stop lamp,
  • Right rear park lamp,
  • License Lamps
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Answerfuse #30-25a i/p
Check the bulb, check the wires around the transmission, check the fuse. If it didn't help you have to see your mechanic.

Check fuse 7 (15 amp) under the left side of the dash. If the fuse is good, the problem is in the rear electronic module. The two back-up lights are individually controlled by this module. The module is behind the panel at the right rear of the vehicle. The white/yellow wire (terminal 10) goes to the right rear lamp and the dark green/orange wire (terminal 9) goes to the left lamp. Now the good news. The rear electronic module gets the signal to turn the lamps on from the powertrain control module. Unless the fuse is bad, this may be more than you can deal with. Take it to Ford or another mechanic that understands the programming involved. Carl

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Q: What could cause the reverse - backup lights to not work and what fuse are they on in a Ford Windstar?
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Reverse lights not working on a 99 Toyota Tacoma?

Bad bulbs can be the cause of your reverse lights not working on your 1999 Toyota Tacoma. A problem with the reverse switch or bad wires can also be the cause of your reverse lights not working.

What would cause the fuse for the brake lights to blow every time you put the car in drive?

Check the circuitry to the backup lights. The same fused circuit is probably used for both brake lights and backup lights. As you go past Reverse, the backup light probably is turned on briefly, causing the fuse to blow. It's just a thought, but I'd think it worth checking.

What would cause a 2001 Windstar to not move in either forward or reverse?

Having it on "PARKING"

What could cause the bottom brake lights on 1998 Explorer to be out while the dash lights and backup lights work?

Blown fuse or defective brake light switch.

What can cause head lights not to work no power to light?

head lights won't work, no power to them, signal works , reverse lights work

Backup lights do not work but brake lights work Honda crv?

Backup Lights do not workThe backup lights are on a separate circuit from the brake lights and each use a separate dedicated switch to control when each group of lights turn on and off.The type and location of the backup light switch depends on the make, model, and year of production of a vehicle, and since I'm not familiar with your vehicle, this answer of necessity will be generic in nature.The backup light switch is usually mounted either within the dashboard or, in the engine compartment. In either case, it will be mounted directly adjacent to a moving part of the gear shift mechanism. Thus when the transmission is shifted into reverse, the moving linkage will move the switch, turning the backup lights on.However, on many later model vehicles, the backup light switch may be mounted by screwing into the side of the transmission so that when the transmission is shifted into reverse, the backup lights are turned on.In the case of the switch mounted in the dashboard area or engine compartment and working off of the movement of the transmission shift linkage, the cause of failure to operate could be:Switch is not properly adjusted [very common].A connector or wire in the circuit has become disconnected, cut or broken [slightly less common].The switch itself could be defective [not very common].These same causes are true for brake light switches mounted into the side of a transmission, except that I'm not aware of them being adjustable and thus if the switch is the cause it's defective and replacement of the switch is required.

What would cause the reverse lights in a 99 cougar to NOT work if the bulbs are good and the fuse is not blown?

Reverse light switch bad or out of adjustment.

What would cause a 1992 wrangler to not have working reverse lights?

Did you check the light bulbs? If OK, probably a bad reverse light switch in tranny.

Why dont your reverse lights come on when backing up on your 1994 Toyota Celica?

There is a switch on the shifter or trans that turns on the lights when the vehicle is placed in reverse, it is out of adjustment or faulty. And don't forget the bulbs or fuses as a cause.

Why reverse lights don't work on 95 Chevy Cheyenne?

In those tail lights there is a circuit board. If it goes bad it will cause all kinds of problems.

What would cause the turn signals and emergency lights not to work on a Ford Windstar we replaced the fuse?

the most common thing is a faulty multifunction switch.

What would cause the engine to click blinkers and emergency lights to turn on when you try to start a Windstar 2003 van?

battery is low or almost dead

What cause all the lights inside your 1995 windstar to go out when this happen it won't start then when they comes back on it start?

possible electric system short

What can cause the backup lights not to work on a 1997 Dodge Avenger after the switch has been replaced?

Defective switch, switch not adjusted, blown fuse

What would cause your reverse lights not to work?

A blown fuse, a faulty ( or dirty ) reverse light switch, faulty wiring, a blown bulb or a poor ground could cause reverse lights not to work. If one light doesn't work it's likely to be a blown bulb, faulty wiring or a poor ground. If both don't work it's probably a blown fuse, a faulty reverse light switch or faulty wiring.

What would cause a 2006 Dodge Dakota's reverse lights to stay on?

Cracked electrical wire caused this to my car once.

What would cause the back up lights not to work on a 1986 Toyota celica gt if the fuses and bulbs are good?

Perhaps something in the gear shift that turns on the lights when in reverse position.

How do you replace the backup switch on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee or what else could be the cause of intermittent backup lights?

intermitten problems are the worst to figure out i would first start by changing the bulbs then i would change the wiring harness. i know i had a car that when the tail lights were on the blinkers wouldn't work and it turned out to be a short in the harness.

Can a transmission range sensor on a 98 jeep Cherokee cause the reverse lights to stop working?

try the neutral safety switch

What would cause backup lights in 1999 Toyota Corolla to not work when the bulbs and fuses are fine?

It could be caused by a bad ground or severed wire somewhere.

Why do the backup lights in a 2002 Windstar come on and stay on in park and drive while your electric doors locks engage and also remain on when the accessories are on when the doors are locked?

I would suspect the transmission range sensor / neutral safety switch.This has been known to cause all sorts of strange electrical related problems.See "Related Questions" below for more

When put in reverse Back up lights do not work Brake lights and tail lights work fuse is good checked bulbs no power please tell you what to check from here?

Check the fuses first. If the fuses are ok check the reverse switch. The switch is under the dash on some models, and on the transmission on others. A bad or misaligned switch is the most likely cause for no back up lights.

What would be the cause of non-functioning tail lights and reverse lights on the trunk and not the body of a 96 Mercury Tracer?

ck bulbs first then ground circuit and power on trunk lights.Ground most likely

What is the cause for the instrument cluster fuse to blow every time the shifter is placed in reverse on a 2002 Ford F250?

You have a short to ground. Look on your trans for a wire that is frayed/damaged etc from the reverse indicator. If you don't find any there, look around your reverse lights in the rear.

Windstar interior lights wont go on?

One thing that will cause this is when a door-ajar warning goes without fixing.My Windstar rear hatch showed as ajar for quite some time - after a period, this caused the interior lights to be disabled.Flooding the hatch latch mechanisms with spray lubricant, i.e., WD-40, cleared the false ajar warning, and the interior lights automatically starting working again.See "Related Questions" below for more