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battery is low or almost dead

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Q: What would cause the engine to click blinkers and emergency lights to turn on when you try to start a Windstar 2003 van?
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How come your blinkers don't work but the emergency lights do?

Defective flasher relay.

Why does the emergency lights work and the blinkers don't on a 1991 mustang?

this car may have separate flashers for the turn signals and the emergency flashers

You have blinkers brake lights and flashers but your 1996 ford windstar has no tail lights why?

have you check the tail light fuse to see if it is blown. other possiblly is the headlight switch.

Where do you buy blinkers for Christmas lights?

walmart blinkers christmas lights buy where?

My blinkers on my truck don't work when the lights are on this is for a 1999 suburban what do i do?

so what do i do if my blinkers do not when the lights are on

What would cause the turn signals and emergency lights not to work on a Ford Windstar we replaced the fuse?

the most common thing is a faulty multifunction switch.

Does a car burn more gasoline when its lights are turned on?

head lights, dome lights, blinkers, any light.... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Does a 1977 Honda xl125 need a battery to run?

Well, that depends on whether you still have the lights and blinkers, ect. If there are not lights, blinkers, brake lights, or horn, then you do not need a battery to run this bike. If you do have these items, then you would need a battery

My Chrysler LHS hazzard lights and blinkers do not work have tried the bulbs not that and the fuses all are good?

Replace Flasher Fuse, Located In Engine Fuse Box.

What are the criteria involved in an auto inspection?

There is many parts involved in an auto inspection. Most require clean emmissions and working lights, blinkers and engine componets.

Whats the color wires for the blinker an brake lights?

whats the color circuit for the blinkers an break lights?

Can you take your on road drivers test in someone else's car?

yes. as long as everything works on the car. lights, blinkers ect yes as long as everything works . lights, blinkers, ect...

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