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Shift cable needs to be adjusted.

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Q: What could cause the shift knob on a 1995 Ford Mustang to release from the park position even with the brake on?
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Why are your brake lights out on 2001 mustang gt?

The most common cause for brake lights to be out on a 2001 Mustang GT is a blown bulb. There are some instances where there is faulty wiring.

Anyone know the reason for the Brake indicator light to keep coming on randomly while the car is driving 2002 Mustang Conv?

If the brake fluid level is low in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment that will cause your " brake " light to come on just like engaging your parking brake does

What woulld cause the brake light on the dash of my 1995 buick lesabre to come on intermittently?

Could be low brake fluid. Emergency brake could be partly on-make sure it is pulled completely in the up position.

When you brake or release the brake there is a popping sound coming from the right front tire what would cause this?

It's probably a worn suspension part.

What makes left side parking brake not work but right side work?

Most often cause is a stuck brake cylinder that has rusted into either open or closed position

Can pregnancy cause your face to brake out?

Pregnancy can cause your face to brake out.

What cause your craftsman lawn tractor stop running at the brake is release?

Check your chair switch!

What would cause the right rear brake to not release?

Most common reason: rust and dirt.

What would cause the drum to not release when the adjustment screws were put in and the e brake is off?

The e-brake may be off but the e-brake cable(s) may be frozen or need to be adjusted.

What will cause f-1991 F150 front emergency brake to not release?

Front emergency brake? Do you mean a frozen cable? If front brake is locked may be a frozen caliper Emergency brake tied to rear brakes only

Can bad brake hoses cause a car brakes to lockup?

Yes. I have seen many brake hoses cause a brake caliper or wheel cylinder to not be able to release. The inside lining of the hose cracks loose and acts like a check valve, it lets fluid in but not out.

Why would cause a brake drum to lock up and not release?

The piston may be sticking for a variety of reasons. If you are inexperienced with brake problems, take it to a shop now.

Will a 1994 mustang radiator fit a 2004 mustang?

no cause a 1994 may have a bigger engine

How do you repair a obd 2 code of p2299?

P2299 : brake pedal position, apps sensor reading incompatible. Either the brake pedal switch, or the accelerator pedal position sensor (apps) is sending an improper reading to the computer. The other possible cause of this code is brake torquing the engine by holding the gas and brake pedals down at the same time.

Does a bad master cylinder cause brakes to stay on?

Not usually. It is possible for the mater cylinder get suck in the apply position, but the brake pedal would not return to the up position after stopping. A more common problem for the brakes to be stuck applied is a locked wheel cylinder or brake caliper, or a jambed parking brake. These issues will be at one or more of the wheels, so check there if your brake pedal is at normal height.

Why does a 2000 Ford Windstar brake warning light flash randomly on and off?

AnswerAccording to our mechanic, this indicates potential failure or damage to the brake system, generally in the ABS.The emergency brake lever might be ever so slightly up from the full release position - barely touching the switch to the dashboard brake light.Should have the vehicle looked at to find the true cause though.

What are the uses for mustang horses?

the use of the mustang horse was for traveling cause a mans horse was everything back then

What would cause your car to smoke from the tire?

There could be several reasons such as, you forgot to release the e-brake and drove the vehicle with the e-brake on, or a grease seal went bad and grease is getting onto the hot brake drum or brake rotor, or brake fluid from a leaky wheel cylinder or caliper is getting onto the hot brake drum or brake rotor.

What can friction do to brake pads?

Heat up the brake pads and cause brake fade.

What would cause the brake light to stay on unless the fuse is removed?

most probably because the brake light switch is stuck in the "on' position. The switch is most probably right under the dash on the drivers side connected to the brakes swing arm pedal.when you step on the brake,the arm moves and set the brake light on.

Does fuel cut off cause brake lock or brake lock cause fuel cut off?


Will a bad alternator cause the check engine light to come on?

yes it can. i had a 2004 ford mustang that kept reading that the camshaft position sensor was the cause. Changed the cps and still same code. changed alternator and the code cleared itself!

What will brake rotor variation will cause?

It causes pulsation or shudder on the brake pedals.

What would cause the rear parking brake lights to stay on and drain battery of 1992 Lumina when car is turned off?

The brake lights will stay on if the switch is either out of adjustment or damaged. Pull up on the brake pedal to see if it will go out, if it does, you might be able to get by just adjusting the position of the brake light switch. BTW, it's on the brake pedal mechanism, under the dashboard.

What happens if you put sugar in brake fluid?

You get brake fluid that will cause tooth decay