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What could cause the tail lights not to work on a 1998 Toyota Sienna?


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If just the tail lamps don't work, and the front park lamps do, it is most likely the bulbs burnt out. A bad ground, blown fuse, broken wires, bad switch are other possible but less likely causes.


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There could be several reasons why a Toyota Sienna will not start. the most common problem would be a dead battery.

sometimes it is working but after few seconds it is stopping

Yes, in the fuse panel. Open and read your owner's manual.

A bad relay switch could be the culprit if dash lights remain on after engine starts in a Toyota. Cold weather can also cause these lights to stay on after the engine starts.

I wish you could but unfortunately not in America.

You could always order one from a dealership, but i found the one i purchased for my sienna on Ebay.

One can purchase a used Toyota Sienna from one of your local used car dealerships. Or alternatively one could visit Autotrader and search between vehicles available around the country.

i believe there is a bulletin from Toyota on this problem. on a 2006 you should just bring it to the dealer anyway!

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The 3.3 liter V6 engine in a 2004 Toyota Sienna ( IS NOT ) an interference engine according to Gates ( they make timing belts etc. ) The answer I get from Toyota dealership ... it is an "INTERFERENCE ENGINE" Thinking it is not an "interference engine" could be a very costly mistake.

The best place to purchase a 2008 Toyota Sienna is through a local used car dealer. If they do not have the exact vehicle you are looking for, they can search and find one for you. Another place is online at Auto Trader or Cars.

Just a thought. I have a Toyota Sienna also. The gas compartment is on the left side. If the gas compartment is even popped then there is a safety mechanism that will not let the door open. Your compartment might be closed, but you could be having a mechanical problem with the compartment that would cause the safety mechanism to come on. Simple, but could just be it.

It seems to me that it could be the transmission going bad I am not 100% sure. Visit www.siennaclub.org I am sure you can get better answers there.

The best place to find aftermarket floor mats for a Toyota Sienna would be at an auto parts store that sells car accessories, such as Canadian Tire. One could also look at auto supply store sites, and at Amazon.

Yes, the ignition on a trailblazer can cause head lights to work improperly.

IAC (idle air control) code. Could be IAC, wiring or corroded connnectors

Could be: Low coolant level Bad thermostat Heater control valve/cable not adjusted properly

i have check engine light on code po171 system to lean i changed o2 sensor check engine light came back soon after, i heard that it could be fuel air ratio sensor,where is it located on 6cyl Toyota sienna, do you have any input thanks tony

It could be a worn belt for the fan but i am not completely sure so i would probably call the dealer you bought it from and ask. its nothing to serious though so dont worry to much.

It could be short-circuiting or intermittent short-circuiting of wires to the power door motor.09/22/10--- take it to a body shop, have them reprogram the power door computer for $75 Toyota gave me BS about needing to replace everything for over $1000.

On a toyota tacoma 2003 SR5 when the tail lights are turned on the brake lights come on and when the tail lights are of the brake lights work just fine what could be the problem. If the truck has a trailer plug, inspect the plug and plug wiring for damage and corrosion.

Check bulbs or wireharness at back of bulbs.Switch handle that turns lights could be bad Toyo joe

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