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Most likely there's a leak at the bottom driver-side of the windshield. After the mat dries out, close the windows and concentrate a strong stream of water from a hose, starting with that area. If you see no leak, go on around the windshield a little bit at a time. Water can run from anywhere and drip down behind the cowl. I had the same problem. Two fixes. 1. Leak in the heater core or core in/out flex connectors. (replace it) 2. Blockage in A/C evaporator/condenser drain. (overflows into driver footwell. I had this problem with my 93 Corsica. A buddy with a 91 Beretta showed me it was the same problem that he had. There was a crack in the gutter where it is welded to the firewall as well as dried up sealant between the firewall and wheel well in the engine compartment. Try pulling up the carpet and underlay, in my case the water had come in and was running down the firewall behind the brake pedal but under the underlay. Here is a link to some photos of my drivers side leak: Good Luck!

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Q: What could cause water to puddle up on the driver side floor in a 1996 Corsica with no visible trace of leaks?
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