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What could cause your brakes to go out quickly?

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I know on Jeeps they use a soft rotor supposedly to quiet the brakes. The average mileage for their rotors is supposed to be around 13,000. I changed my rotors and have not had this problem since and I'm going on 30,000.

2004-05-18 12:00:08
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Q: What could cause your brakes to go out quickly?
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What could cause the brakes on a 92 s10 blazer to go out suddenly?

Probably a rotted out brake line sprung a leak, check the brake fluid reservoir.

What caused brakes to go flat down when mash?

It could be air in the brake line, or the brakes getting too hot from too much friction by using the brakes on a steep hill or riding the brakes, or there could be a problem with the master cylinder.

What causes a car to stall and stop?

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Any sudden brake loss can be the cause of 1. brake line damage 2. master cylinder disfunction

Is there a sensor that could go out causing you brakes to lock up when they are warm?

Its unlikely. the more likely cause is a brake hose collapsed/split internally, after the brakes are applied the internal split is pushed back by the returning brake fluid causing a blockage in the line preventing the caliper piston from backing off the rotor.

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Why is the brake light on the dashboard of your 1992 grand marquis on and wont go off?

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Two of the most common factors leading to brake failure are wet brakes that result from driving through puddles and?

in older cars with 4 wheel drum brakes riding the brakes down a hill will heat up the drums causing the brakes to fail. another cause is brake lines failure another cause is leaking wheel cylinders shall i go on? The most common part that fails in a braking system is the Master Cylinder.

What is the life span for brakes Chrysler sebring touring 2005?

It truly depends on the driver and the type of driving that is being done. Could be anywhere from 20,000 - 80,000 miles. A lot of stop and go traffic will wear them out quickly. Someone who does mainly highway driving will be on the higher side.

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