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What could have prevented the Cold War?

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Nothing. The USSR was very intent on aggression and conquest in Eastern Europe and SE Asia

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Could Roosevelt have prevented the Cold War?


What were ways to have prevented the Vietnam war?

No cold war=No Vietnam War

How could the Korean war have been prevented?

It could not have been prevented. North Korea attacked the South and from that point on it was war,

Could world war 1 and world war 2 be prevented?


How could Buchanan have prevented war?

Buchanan could have prevented war by not allowing the Confederate to separate from the Union. Buchanan could have also acted differently on issues of slavery, especially in Kansas.

Do you think it could have prevented World War 2?


Could WW1 and World War 2 be prevented?


Could we the people have prevented World War I?

iduno? iduno?

What could have prevented the Vietnam War?

We could of minded our own business. Its there problem not ours.

Could the US prevented the attack on Pearl harbor?

A CAP (Combat Air Patrol) could have prevented it. But not being at war at the time, CAP's aren't used.

do you think France and Britain could have prevented wold war 2 if they had acted differentlywhy?

They could have prevented WW2 by giving in to the Nazis. -That was not acceptable to the British people.

How could you have prevented world war 1?

You might have prevented World War I by protecting Rasputin from the attempt on his life. You might also have tried to keep Caillaux in power.

How can the cold be prevented?

It cannot be prevented because they have not made a cure for it.

Was the bomb dropped to scare USSR?

Yes; the bomb was a double edged would end one war and prevent another one...the cold war (the cold war prevented a "hot" war). The US was already preparing for the "cold war" before WW2 even ended!

What could have prevented the colonists declaring independece and going to war?

If granted independence.

How could world war 1 been prevented?

It couldn't have, according to Dukish.

Could World War 1 have been prevented?

World War I could certainly have been prevented. Had the leaders of Austria Hungary behaved in a cooler, more moderate way following Ferdinand's assassination, then the entire deadly war might never have happened.

How could did the conflict n have been prevented?

If communist North Vietnam did not try to conquer South Vietnam, the war would have been prevented.

Other names for the cold war?

The frozen war could be anther name for cold war beacuse there were no fighting.

How can World War I be prevented?

Ww1 could have been prevented if it wasnt for an assasin who killed the Hungarian archduke and the huns to invade Serbia. Hope this helps some facts could be wrong

Could the War of 1812 be prevented and how?

can anybody just put the right answer. chronologically and understandable!

Is this war the US could have avoided?

Not during the cold war.

Who were war criminal in the cold war?

There weren't any "war criminals" during the cold war, because the cold war WAS NOT a war. The Cold War was simply a term that politician's came up with regarding the arms race between the communist super powers and the United States and it's allies. The Cold War was actually an ARM's RACE; a military stand-off...who could out do the the other. Who could make the best jet...who could build the best submarine...who could reach the moon first.

How could the apartheid have been prevented?

how could apartheid have been prevented.

What could have prevented the Mexican American war?

You read the Speech on the Mexican-American War by Herny Clay. Here is the link.

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