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It could mean several different things. Did you go to the same doctor for measurement each time? If not, each doctor measures differently - two weeks is not a long enough period of time to determine that there has been NO growth if you have different doctors measuring you, or even if the same doctor is measuring you. It's hard to get an exact measurement because there are differentials that come into play. Be sure to ask your doctor at your next appointment. If there is still no growth, I would recommend that you request an ultrasound. God Bless.

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Q: What could it mean if your fundus has not grown any in two weeks?
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What does it mean medically fundus not visualized?

Most likely it means your doctor did not look at, or could not see despite trying, the fundus, which is the base of the eye (the retina).

What does it mean if your fundus measurement is higher than the number of weeks you are?

Hi! I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant, according to my LMP (and ultrasound). But when I saw my doctor today, she told me my fundus measurement was slightly larger than 29 weeks. (It actually measured about 30 to 31 weeks.) She told me that sometimes the measurement can be larger or smaller depending on the baby's position. !!! RAJordan

If the fundus measures bigger than gestational weeks what does this mean?

Your fundal size is just the size of your uterus measured from your pelvic bone. It is just an estimate for when you cannot actually "see" the baby. You increase your fundus size in a measured proportion. It just means that your measurement is bigger than expected for your gestational size. You could be carrying a lot of fluid or it could be a big baby (or twins!). There is nothing to worry about!

What does fundus in pregnancy mean?

This is the top of the uterus.

What does fundus mean in latin?

Bottom; lowest part.

What does height of fundus mean?

during routine prenatal visits a Doctor will measure you uterus in centimeters, your centimeters should equal gestational age. IE. 26 cm 26 weeks

What is a complex nabothian cyst seen in the fundus mean?

The Fundus is the opening to the Ovarian Tubes.that means there is a cysts there here is good article on the subject.

What does fundus mean?

From the anatomy ... the portion of a hollow organ opposite or farthest from its opening.

What does it mean to have your baby move on both sides at 17 weeks?

it shouldn't mean anything bad. By 17 weeks the fetus has grown and tends to stretch every where. when i was 18 weeks i felt little movements every where in my lower stomach.

What does it mean if your puppy is 6 weeks old and only has its canine teeth in?

it means it is not fully grown yet.

What is erythema in the antrum and fundus mean?

Medical terms are hard to understand until you put them into layman's words:erythema = rednessantrum = a body cavityfundus = the part of a hollow organ that is farthest away from the organ or cavity's openingFor example, the fundus of the uterus is at the top closest to the navel or higher right after giving birth.

What is tortuosity fundus in the eye they think i got high blood pressure but i havent. l had eyes tested?

i had my eyes tested and they want my blood pressure check cause they think i got tortuosity fundus what does that mean

What is the meaning of 20w6?

could mean 20 weeks and 6 days

You are 37 weeks pregnant and the fetus is measuring at 32 weeks gestation.?

this could mean a few things you could have your dates wrong or you are just having a small baby take a look at your 18-20 week scan and compare how much the baby has grown and then discuss this with your doctor there could be other factors but you should follow everything up for your own piece of mine good luck

Your baby is not as big for how many weeks you are what could it be?

i am 39 weeks pregnant my midwife told me their had been no growth this week what does this mean

Does the fundus form the upper part of the vagina?

Technically, it could be. Fundus is just a Latin word that means bottom, and it is used to mean a part of something that is opposite its opening. In the stomach, the fundus is the left part of the stomach. In the eye, the retina would be considered the fundus since it is the opposite of the lens and cornea (ie., the opening where light enters). In the uterus, it is the end opposite the cervix. There are many medical words that don't mean quite what people think they mean or are broader than most people mean. For instance, an areola is an area between two spaces, particularly any area of tissue that is circular and colored differently from the surrounding area. Most take that to mean the area around the nipples on the breasts. Or take a sphincter. That is simply a band of muscles that surround an opening. There are sphincters in the eyes, esophagus, and other areas of the body, but most people think of the anus when they hear that term.

Your breasts are hurting but you have never had an early period you are not due for another few weeks what could this be?

Could mean you are pregnant. Or it could mean your cycle is changing.If uncomfortable see your doctor.

What does channel mean?

channel is a big body of water which could take weeks or days to go is a big body of water which could take weeks or days to go over.

What if you nipples are sensitive and period is not due for another 2 weeks could that mean pregnancy?

It could but I would say it could be because your ovulating.

Can a full grown tiger kill a full grown wolf?

It depends what you mean by full grown; if you mean old, then probably the tiger.

What does it mean if your HCG levels 34000 at 5 weeks?

wow you could be having multiples, at 5 weeks they should be less than 12,000

How many weeks is several weeks?

A couple weeks is 2 weeks, but 'several' is not an exact number. It could be in between 3- about 10. Considering 'several' in this case is 5 weeks, it would be one month and one week.

When do rats reach adulthood?

It depends on what you mean by 'adulthood' they reach sexual maturity at about five weeks and they are usually about fully grown at five to six months of age.

What does it mean if your baby has not grown and you are 37 weeks pregnant she has not grown in 3 weeks?

Your baby should continue to gain weight through 37 weeks. If this isn't occurring, your doctor may order several tests to check for placenta issues, cord issues, as well as other things that may stop or prevent growth in a fetus. It can be nothing, but your doctor should rule out concerning issues.

If you get your period almost 2 weeks early could that mean your pregnant?

of course not that means your irregular