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you could be pregnant

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Q: What could it mean if your period ended about 10 days ago and you are starting to spot pink blood?
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Why do you I have dark spotting one week after my period ended?

If you have dark spotting one week after your period ended, it could be because your uterus did not expel all of the blood out during your period. Certain medications, stress and hormonal changes are other reasons. If there is a possibility that you could be pregnant, it could be implantation bleeding.

Your period ended on December 17 2007 now you are 36 weeks pregnant you couldn't have gotten pregnant around that time could you?

next time the blood of your period should be purple.

Why would you have brownish discharge several days after your period ended?

The old blood you are seeing is old Blood that was left from your period and It is not uncommon to experience this even before your period as well

I started my period on the 25th it ended the 29th and then I started having pinky discharge but only when I wiped could that be implantation bleeding or is my period just not over?

It could be your period...... or ending your period

Can you have a 2 day period?

Yes you can. I just ended my first period and it was 2 days. I hope i could help.

Does starting birth control in the middle of your cycle delay your period?

No. starting birth control in the middle of your cycle does NOT delay your period. I started it in the middle of mine and i was fine. it ended on the EXACT day that it was supposed to.

If you got you period and it ended for two days then had a brownish discharge for two days and now it is red blood again what does this mean could it be pregnancy?

This probably is just a slightly irregular period, no cause for cocern- it is very normal to have your period to start and stop occasionly or have it be brown. If you are having your period, you are not pregnant.

Your last period ended on the 16th of April and now you started your period again on the 3rd of May could you be pregnant?

If you're having your period, you are not pregnant.

What does it mean if your period ended and then two days later you have really bad cramps and when you wipe there is a little blood?

it's still not over ur period

Is it normal to wipe brown few days after period has ended?

Yes, it's completely normal to have brown discharge for a few days after your period has ended. Your period doesn't just suddenly stop, it can take a little while for the last of the blood to leave your body.

Two weeks after period ended you started spotting- you saw blood when you wiped then a day later you had brown discharge then after that heavy bleeding could you be pregnant?

probably not, good luck joymaker rn

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated in you a week after your period ended?

Yes you can ovulate at any time.

How do you know if your period ended?

You know that your period has ended when the bleeding stops. After your flow you may have a little spotting for a few days, but once you have only discharge your period has ended.

When is the earliest time you can have bleeding inplantion I am my in later stage of ovulation is this too early?

It takes about five days for the baby to implant in the uterus so if you ovulate early like 1 day after your period has ended you could see bleeding from implant as early as 6 days after you period ended and up to 10 days after your period ended.

Do you start counting when your next period is from the day you started or the day you ended your last period?

from the day it ended.

How do you know when your period has ended?

your period will be on for 21 days

Why am I bleeding brown blood my period ended two weeks ago so why am I bleeding again two weeks later?

See your doctor.

The period of national harmony ended because of?

The period of National Harmony ended because of "Regional Differences." - KK

You havent had a period in one and a half months and today when you wiped it was as though you had just ended your period Are you pregnant?

You could be. What you saw when you wiped could be spotting, which is light brown or pink in color and that happens during implantation.

Why are you spotting browish blood 5 days after your period ended?

The brownish spots that you are seeing is your body cleaning out all of the blood that was left inside while you were on your period. Blood drys a very dark brown so when it comes out a few days later that's all that is. So don't be too worried.

If you have brown blood spoting after 2 days of the endof your period is that means your pregnant?

no its just cleaning your system and its aftyer blood that turns that most people get it before or after it just a signal that it has started or ended

What happened after the heian period ended?

The Nara period began

Have had bloody cervical mucus for 5 days since period ended Has this happened to anyone or does anyone know what this means?

It really just sounds like left over blood from AF. If it bothers you though, you could go see a Dr.

How was the Triassic period ended?

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Is it possible to get pregnant 1day after your period ended and you have unproctected sex and he pull it out when the sperm were coming out?

Yes, you are very fertile just after your period ends. and even if he did pull out, you could be pregnant.