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You probably have mud caked on the inside of your rims and on your suspension. Could also have lost a wheel weight as well and thrown off the balance

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Q: What could the problem be if you recently went out in some thick mud and now when driving over 40 mph the wheel wobbles and the whole car shakes?
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When driving down the road pickup truck shakes badly then stops and after a while shakes again?

Its either timing or fuel intake problem.

Steering wheel vibrates when driving fast?

If your tires are in good shape, it's probably just tire balance. Low speed wobbles and shakes are normally bad tires, tread separations, just FYI.

Engine shakes while driving and not driving?

engine rubber mounts or timin out

What does it mean when your car shakes?

Need more info like what is the vehicle doing when it shakes, is it idling in park, driving down the road, braking, driving at highway speeds, etc.

Why your 97 ford crown Victoria shakes and wobbles?

Have a wheel alignment done. They will check the front end at the same time. Also are your tires properly balanced and round?

Vehicle shakes while driving and reversing?

Check your motor mounts.

Having problem with car that sometimes idles hard or shakes and sometimes a faint whistle noise but only at stops not while driving?

sounds like you have a leaky intake manifold

What problems can there be when your car shakes?

if the steering wheel shakes there can be a problem with alignment. shaking when braking would probably be a brake problem. constant shaking i'd expect you should check the muffler If the front end of your car shakes when just driving normally, your front end probably needs re-aligning. If it shakes when you apply the brakes only, your brake rotors are probably warped and need re-surfaceing. Impossible to answer question, please be more specific. It shakes when... I feel it shake in the steering wheel when... I'm driving along and... etc. It depends on WHEN it shakes. Low speed driving: damaged tire, U-Joint, ignition misfire, burned valve, low engine RPM. Highway driving: loose steering, faulty ball joints, tire balance, bent wheel, tire damage. Engine idle: burned valve, ignition misfire, motor mounts, low engine RPM, dirty injectors, EGR valve... All of the above plus quite a few other possibilities.

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Land cruiser LJ70 steering shakes when hitting pothole and driving on uneven roads?

sorry to hear your problem .. i had similar problems .. try changing your front stabilizer's bush or change the whole bar ..

Car shakes when driving from flat road to bumpy road at a speed of 90kmph?

road V.A

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