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What countries border Ireland?

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Northern Ireland (UK).

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What countries share a border with northern Ireland?

Republic of Ireland

What are the bordering countries of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland shares a border with Northern Ireland.

Countries bordering Ireland?

Ireland is an island so it has no bordering countries. On the island of Ireland you have the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which have a border.Well no countries border it directly as Ireland is surrounded by water, but the 3 nearest countries are Britain, France and Spanish. Of course if you're talking about the republic of Ireland then the country that borders it would be Northern Ireland

What country shares a border with Ireland?

Northern Ireland(part of the UK) shares a border with Ireland. These are the only two countries on the island.

Countries that border Great Britain?


What are the countries that border Ireland?

The United Kingdom is the closest country to Ireland. The other countries that surround Ireland are France, Spain, Portugal, and Iceland.

What oceans and countries border Ireland?

The Atlantic Ocean is the only ocean that borders Ireland. The island of Ireland contains the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which border each other and nowhere else.

What separates the republic of Ireland and northern Ireland?

A border! They are two completely different countries.

What countries share a border with the Republic of Ireland?

There is only one that is Northern Ireland (UK)

What are the surrounding border countries around the republic of Ireland?

Derry, Tyrone, Armagh, Fermanagh and Down are counties in Northern Ireland that would border counties in the Republic of Ireland.

How many countries border the Kingdom?

The United Kingdom only has a land border with the Republic of Ireland.

Do any countries border Ireland?

It's an island. The only country that borders the Republic of Ireland is the country of Northern Ireland.

Does the Shannon river serve as a border between countries?

No. The Shannon runs through Ireland and does not form the border between any countries. It does form boundaries between some counties in Ireland though.

What three countries border England?

Only two countries border England - Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic don't border as they are across the sea as are any of the European countries.

What countries is Scotland next to?

Northern Ireland, Ireland and England But the only country with which it has a land border is England.

What countries do not border with India?

u.s.a Canada Mexico Guam Ireland

What are the bordering countries of Scotland?

Ireland and England are bordering countries of Scotland. Answer. Ireland is separated from Scotland by sea so strictly speaking does not border it. Ireland is bordering it because it is near it.

What continent is Ireland part of and what countries border it?

Ireland is an Island, it is a part of Europe. The only other country bordering it is Northern Ireland.

What five countries border Ireland?

The United Kingdom is the only country that actually borders Ireland. The rest of the Ireland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the bordering countries of the UK?

The only country that borders the UK is the Republic of Ireland, which has a border with Northern Ireland, which is a part of the UK.

The names of the countries that border Ireland?

for political teasons Ireland is divided into Eire and Northern Ireland. Across the Irish Sea Is Wales, England and Scotland

Which of the countries of the United Kingdom is on a separate island?

Northern Ireland - it shares a border with Eire - but is a separate island from the mainland.

What countries are beside England?

England has a land border with Wales and Scotland. The nearest overseas countries are Ireland and France.

How many independent countries does the United Kingdom border?

One: the Republic of Ireland, or Éire.

Which countries have a land boundary with Great Britain?

Great Britain is an island, therefore no country has a land border with it. If you mean the United Kingdom, then the province of Northern Ireland has a land border with the Republic of Ireland.